20 Honeymoon Places in Jogja that You Must Visit

Yogyakarta is the best tourist spot on the island of Java. Yogyakarta is indeed a charming location for cultural tourism and natural tourism and is always crowded with people from all over the world. Therefore, this place is also suitable as a honeymoon location between you and your partner. Here are some recommendations for honeymoon places in Jogja that you can visit, ranging from cheap to exclusive.

1. Royal Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta

Royal Ambarrukmo YogyakartaIf you and your partner want to honeymoon in a quiet place, then maybe Royal Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta can be the best choice. The location is on Jalan Adi Sucipto and has a magnificent building with a traditional concept that is really Jogja.

Royal Ambarrukmo will make the honeymoon period feel very elegant, because the atmosphere may be similar to a very comfortable palace. The rooms inside are very spacious and filled with wooden furniture. In addition, the facilities are also very complete. You and your partner can eat at The Royal Restaurant. Or you can also order the Executive Lounge to create a romantic moment accompanied by a panoramic view of Mount Merapi from a distance.

In addition, this location also has a large garden for a walk in the morning. You and your partner can also stop by the beautiful and natural Bale Kambang.


2. Gallery Prawirotaman Hotel

Gallery Prawirotaman HotelAnother place for honeymooners in Yogyakarta is the Gallery Prawirotaman Hotel. This hotel is a 4-star hotel and its location is on Jalan Prawirotaman 2, Yogyakarta. This location is still in the city of Yogyakarta and very close to Malioboro and the surrounding area.

Staying at this hotel will make you and your partner very comfortable. There are at least 94 rooms in the hotel. All rooms are elegantly designed and complete with various facilities. This hotel can show views of the mountains typical of Jogja, namely Mount Merapi and Mount Seribu Valley.

You and your partner can also enjoy the attractions around the Gallery Prawirotaman Hotel. Also hunt for delicious culinary, because the Prawirotaman area is a culinary tourism area. It is suitable for couples who like to walk while enjoying the urban atmosphere.

3. Grand Aston Yogyakarta

Grand Aston YogyakartaGrand Aston Yogyakarta can be the right choice for honeymoon couples in Yogyakarta who want to be close to various tourist attractions. The location of this hotel is on Jalan Urip Sumohardjo Yogyakarta, and is the main road from the center of tourist crowds in the city of Yogyakarta.

This allows honeymoon couples to be free to have any tourist attractions they will visit the next day. The distance from Malioboro is about 30 minutes.

Hotel rooms have complete facilities that will provide the best service for couples who are on their honeymoon. The atmosphere of the hotel is very calm. This will make the honeymoon couple more able to enjoy their moments together. Honeymoon couples can also enjoy a romantic dinner atmosphere at The Vanilla Sky Lounge.

4. Melia Purosani

Melia PurosaniMelia Purosani is also one of the romantic hotels in Jogja that can be used as a reference for honeymooners with a partner. This hotel is suitable for couples who like culinary tours, because there are various international food menus, from Asian food to other western foods.

You and your partner can also enjoy time together at Mediterranean Coffee or Saka Lounge, while enjoying music and eating delicious food and drinks. This moment cannot be found anywhere else.

This hotel is classified as a 5-star hotel. The concept is surrounded by gardens and lagoons. The location is on Jalan Suryotomo Yogyakarta, and very close to the Palace and the Malioboro area.


5. Duta Garden Hotel

Duta Garden HotelDuta Garden Hotel is one of the romantic hotels in Yogyakarta and is very suitable for honeymoon use. Duta Garden Hotel is also very close to tourist attractions in the city of Jogja. Staying there with your partner will be very pleasant and also very practical.

In fact, from this hotel, it only takes 10 minutes to walk to the Yogyakarta Palace or Tamansari. So, you can walk to the palace area and Malioboro very close and easily.

This hotel is classified as a 2 star hotel with complete facilities. You and your partner can enjoy a bathroom with a bathtub, watch cable television, and a comfortable bed. In addition there is also a swimming pool and a dining area that can be used to relax.

6. Indies Heritage

Indies HeritageThe next cool honeymoon spot in Jogja is Indies Heritage. This place is a hotel located on Jalan Prawirotaman, Yogyakarta. As the name suggests, this hotel has a classic architectural building but has been combined with modern western elements.

The hotel building is dominated by white color and this makes the hotel look majestic and elegant. Although relatively new, this hotel is quite successful because many tourists stay there. This is because the hotel rooms there offer views of the mountains.

In addition, the location is still in the city of Yogyakarta, so tourists can easily visit other tourist attractions from there. If you and your partner want to honeymoon there, the cheapest room price is currently around IDR 500,000.

7. Jambuluwuk Malioboro

Jambuluwuk MalioboroEver heard of Jambuluwuk? If you have ever, then you will definitely imagine how beautiful the area is. If you haven’t heard, let’s take a look at the explanation below.

In Yogyakarta there is a hotel called Jambuluwuk Malioboro. As the name suggests, this location is on the outskirts of Malioboro, namely on Jalan Gajah Mada. This is a 5 star hotel with a cool concept. Each room in the hotel is designed with a modern concept combined with a traditional concept. Even though it is a 5 star hotel, the price for staying per night is quite affordable.

You and your partner who want to honeymoon exclusively in Yogyakarta can try staying there. In addition to staying, you can swim. Even the swimming pool is decorated with a waterfall that looks natural. In addition, the two of you can also come to the Batik Lounge to buy food while enjoying the atmosphere of Yogyakarta.

8. Villa Sunset Yogyakarta

Villa Sunset YogyakartaActually this villa is a simple place. It’s just that this villa is located in a beautiful landscape and far from the center of Yogyakarta. This villa is famous because it was used as a shooting location for the movie AADC 2. If you and your partner really want to stay in a quiet place, then this villa might be perfect for you.

Although it is quite far from the city center, the travel time to reach the city center is only about half an hour, so the location is still not that far away. You and your partner can travel the next day in downtown Yogyakarta.

The rooms in this villa have a vintage concept that has been combined with a modern impression. The price per night for renting this villa is approximately two million rupiah. Although quite expensive, this villa can be an alternative place for an impressive honeymoon in Yogyakarta.

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