10 Hotels in Jogja with Beach View

Yogyakarta, which is more often called Jogja, is one of the areas that is indeed special according to its nickname, namely the Special Region of Yogyakarta. Many people love Jogja so they often return to Jogja for pleasure and to unwind. Jogja is not only Malioboro, but also includes a row of beaches located at the southern tip of Jogja, namely Gunung Kidul. Gunung Kidul is no longer left behind because it is now starting to preen by advancing various infrastructures, especially those related to tourism.

Gunung Kidul has many natural charms such as highland areas, exotic beaches, to the beautiful sunrise in Jogja . If you plan to take a vacation to the beach in Jogja, then consider the following hotels in Jogja with beach views to make your tourism activities more enjoyable.

1. Villa Alcheringa

Alcheringa village

Villa Alcheringa offers room facilities with views of Parangtritis Beach because it is only about 10 minutes to the beach. This inn is suitable for a honeymoon because the atmosphere is romantic, but also suitable for living with family. The price of this villa per night starts from IDR 700,000 which can be occupied by 4 to 6 people.

2. Adinda Beach Villas

adinda beach villas

The villa’s design with the feel of a classic Javanese house is equipped with ancient furniture and wooden bedroom walls. This hotel is selling well because of its beautiful and shady nuance near Parangtritis Beach, precisely on the hill. Guests can enjoy the sunset with panoramic views of the beach from the balconies. Room rental rates per night start from IDR 650,000 only. This inn is perfect for a honeymoon because the atmosphere is so serene.

3. Embun Segoro Homestay

Embun Segoro Homestay

One of the hotels in Jogja with views of Krakal Beach is Embun Segoro Homestay. Guests will surely be amazed by the view from this hotel because it is directly facing the Indian Ocean. Guests can snorkel, hike through the green hills by the beach, and of course enjoy the view of the beach while traveling in this homestay area. Enjoying the romantic twilight followed by dinner at the hotel is an exciting activity that can be done. For guests who like to cook, they will definitely be very happy to stay at this hotel because Embun Segoro provides complete cooking utensils in the kitchen. Even the mincing mania can fish in the sea Krakal Beach. Cool right? This homestay is a house with two bedrooms for rent with prices starting from IDR 600,000.

4. Queen of The South Resort

Queen of The South Beach Resort

The hotel with the most luxurious view of Parangtritis Beach is Queen of the South Resort Jogja. As the name implies, from this hotel you will see a wide view of the southern sea and can be a tourist spot for a honeymoon . In fact, there is an infinity pool that makes it seem as if guests are swimming in the Parangtritis sea. Spacious gardens and modernly designed rooms are also the hallmarks of this hotel. Get ready to spend a little deeper because the room price per night is around IDR 800,000 and above.

5. Inessya Resort

inessya resort

Like the Queen of the South Resort , this hotel is also classified as very luxurious. There is an infinity pool overlooking the open sea and Kukup Beach is really instagramable. Guests can enjoy the sunset panorama on the edge of the cliff because the location of this hotel is like that. Room rates are quite spectacular, starting from IDR 1,500,000 per night. If you want a romantic trip for Valentine in Jogja , this hotel is suitable, you know.


6. Villa Tentrem

peaceful villa

If you are on vacation to Gunung Kidul with family or friends, then try staying at Villa Tentrem. With a thick village feel, this hotel is also often a recommendation for hotels in Jogja with beach views. The building of this villa is dominated by brown color because most of it is made of wood. Guests can get a bonus, which is to walk around the rice fields near this villa. The rental price for this villa starts from IDR 600,000.

7. Watulawang Resort

watulawang resort

Watulawang Resort offers a distinctly Balinese feel in Jogja because of the hotel’s decorations and interiors. In fact, this hotel provides spa facilities on the beach with a gentle breeze and a great panorama. This hotel in Jogja with a view of Watulawang Beach is classified as luxurious. So, get ready to spend quite a bit while staying at this hotel. Even so, the costs incurred are comparable to the facilities and views offered by Watulawang Resort.

8. De Omah Slili

de omah slili

As the name implies, this inn is located on a cool and quite quiet beach, namely Slili Beach. You will get serenity with a rustic feel because the building is dominated by wood. However, the facilities provided are quite complete, including a shower bathroom, air conditioning, cable TV, and a veranda. Room rates start from IDR 900,000 per night. It is very suitable to be used as a honeymoon place in Jogja .


9. Soul of the Sea Joglo

Soul of the sea

This hotel with a view of Watu Kodok Beach is not to be missed, especially for backpackers who are adventurous. This Javanese-style inn with a complete natural panorama offers rooms starting from IDR 250,000 per night.

Rice fields, forests and beaches are dishes that must be enjoyed while staying at this hotel. With a variety of views and soothing to the eye, of course, it can also be immortalized with photos and videos. So it can be updated to social media.

10.  The Giant Frog Cabin

The Giant Frog Cabin

As the name implies, this inn has simple cabins surrounded by trees and beautiful gardens. You can feel the serene rural feel, especially with the sound of the waves and the view of the beach, making visitors feel comfortable at this hotel. If you want to stay with family or friends, there are special rooms that can be shared together. The rental price offered starts from IDR 400,000.

11.  Kampoeng Baron Guest House

If you like the classic Javanese feel then choose this inn. As the name implies, this hotel is near Baron Beach. This hotel in Jogja has a unique building interior and antique furniture. Room rental rates start from IDR 700,000 per night.



Those are 10 hotels in Jogja with beautiful beach views in Gunung Kidul. The price of lodging rentals can change at any time, so you should contact the contact person or telephone number of the designated inn so that you can know the availability of rooms. Another option is to book a hotel through the preferred application. Enjoy the tourist attractions in Indonesia . Happy holidays !

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