12 Halal Culinary Tours in Singapore for Muslim Travelers

Singapore is one of the countries closest to Indonesia which is also quite often used as a tourist destination for tourists from Indonesia. Many travelers like to visit Free Singapore Tourist Attractions  to save money. But even though the location is close, the culture of life in this country is quite different from Indonesia. Especially for tourists who are Muslim. For those of you who are confused about looking for halal culinary tourism in Singapore, here are some that can be visited.

1. Deli Moroccan

Deli MoroccanOne of the halal places to eat in Singapore that you can visit is Deli Moroccan. This place serves Middle Eastern halal food. There are some Turkish and Moroccan specialties.

The price of food there is also quite cheap, although the portion of food obtained is quite large. The location is at 30 Bussorah Street. You can visit there from 11.30 to 23.30 local time.

There is an indoor area and also an outdoor area. If you choose to eat in the outdoor area, you will have a view of the Sultan Mosque and also the atmosphere on Jalan Bussorah which is quite crowded.

2. Singapore Zam Zam

Singapore Zam ZamFrom the name, which takes the name from Zam Zam water, it can be guessed that this restaurant sells halal foods that are suitable for Muslim tourists. Even halal culinary tourism in Singapore is a famous and legendary one.

Not only tourists, many local Singaporeans also know this popular eating place. This is because this place has been around since 1908.

Although the age of the restaurant is quite old, the taste of the food is still a favorite of its guests. The location is in Kampong Glam. You can visit from the morning at 07.00 until 23.00 local time.

3. I Am CafeI Am Cafe

The name of this cafe is I Am Cafe. This one place to eat is one place that serves a menu of food that is quite different. Some of the food menus that can be purchased include burgers and cheezy bombs.

I Am Cafe’s location is at 674 North Bridge Road. In addition to Dutch food, there are also other western foods. The location is quite strategic and is one of the best places to enjoy the tourist atmosphere in Singapore.

4. Tang Tea House Hongkong Cafe

Tang Tea House Hongkong CafePlease note that approximately 50% of Singapore’s population is of Chinese ethnicity. So there is nothing wrong if you approach a restaurant with a typical Chinese food menu.

One of the halal culinary tours in Singapore that can be visited is Tang Tea House Hongkong Cafe. This restaurant offers a variety of halal Hong Kong food menus.

Some of the mainstay menus are dim sum and dumplings. Besides that, you can also enjoy other special drinks. The location of this place to eat is in the Bedok area. If you happen to be heading there, try to stop by.

5. Tong Fong Fatt Chicken Rice

Tong Fong Fatt Chicken RiceAnother typical food from Singapore is chicken rice. This rice is suitable for people who want to enjoy typical Singaporean food while they are still there for a tour.

One of the best places to enjoy halal chicken rice is to go to Tong Fong Fatt Chicken Rice at Bedok Food Center 1.

Chicken rice is famous for its savory rice and chicken. The taste is also quite familiar with Indonesian tongues, so you don’t need to adapt anymore to this one food menu.

6. Taste of Nasi Lemak

Taste of Nasi LemakNasi lemak is the next food which is also a typical food from Singapore. Nasi lemak is indeed almost available at street vendors in Singapore. But you should look for halal for the  World’s Best Halal Tourism .

One of the best places to eat halal Singaporean nasi lemak is at Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak. This place to eat is at the Adam Food Center. There you can find delicious nasi lemak.

Nasi lemak itself is a savory rice. When compared to Indonesian food, the taste is similar to nasi uduk. Nasi lemak is also served with a variety of mouth-watering side dishes and sambal.

7. Shadow

ShadowIf you visit Clarke Quay which is one of the areas frequented by tourists, you can still enjoy halal food there. Because there are several places that sell halal food.

One that is suggested is Shadow. Shadow sells Indonesian specialties. Very suitable for those of you who want to eat Indonesian food while in Singapore.

Besides that, the interesting thing about this halal restaurant is that the cooks are imported directly from Indonesia. Some of the popular menus there include rendang, satay, oxtail soup, and so on.

8. Ivory Kitchen

Ivory KitchenStill in the Clarke Quay area which is a busy place in Singapore, you can look for alternative places to enjoy other halal food. One of the cafes that you can visit is Ivory Kitchen.

While eating, you can enjoy the excitement and bustle of Clarke Quay. Ivory Kitchen itself is very modern in the interior. Suitable for people who come with a partner.

This is because the atmosphere is very romantic. Often this cafe is visited for dinner or dinner and is suitable for Honeymoon Places in Southeast Asia . The food menu that is sold is a contemporary Indian food menu which is suitable for those of you who like unique menu variants and may have never tasted it before.

9. Shiraz

ShirazTasting food in the Clarke Quay area is not only served by good food. But some attractions can also be seen in some places. One of them is in halal culinary tourism in Singapore, typical of Persia.

The name of this place to eat is Shiraz which sells Persian halal food. Some of the typical and popular food menus in Shiraz are kebabs, kubideh, and many more.

The portion of food sold is quite large. For those of you who don’t eat much, you should just buy 1 food to eat together. Calculate to save expenses also while traveling there. But if you want to spend food alone, it’s also not a problem.

10. Nana Thai Restaurant

Nana Thai RestaurantHalal food in Singapore is quite easy to find. Although the majority of Singaporeans are non-Muslims. One of the halal food restaurants that you can visit is Nana Thai Restaurant.

This one place to eat is suitable for those of you who really like Thai food, or who are tired of the Malay food menu. Of course, Thai food has a taste that is quite different from Malay cuisine.

You can visit one of the Cheap Shopping Places in Singapore,  namely Far East Plaza Shopping Center. There just look for Nana Thai Restaurant. Some of the menus that become you include tom yam goong and pinrapellpe fried rice.

11. Hajah Maimunah Restaurant

Hajah Maimunah RestaurantThe next place to enjoy halal food in Singapore is Hajah Maimunah Restaurant. This restaurant has a halal nuance when viewed from the name of the owner.

This restaurant is a buffet restaurant. Of course, because of the buffet, you are free to choose the side dishes you like. You can also eat in portions that are tailored to your individual tastes.

In this halal restaurant, visitors can choose several chicken and fish menus. In addition, those of you who are longing for Indonesian food, can also choose an Indonesian menu. Because in this restaurant there are several typical Sundanese menus served.

12. Badoque Cafe

Badoque CafeLooking for halal food in Singapore but which serves western food? Just try coming to Badoqur Cafe. This cafe is suitable for those of you who like western cuisine.

Some of the popular food menus include burgers and also Baby Lobster Au Gratin. This restaurant also has a halal certificate so you don’t have to worry about eating the food.

The location is the Bedok area. If you want to visit there, this place is suitable for lunch and dinner because it is open from 12.00 noon to 11.00 pm local time.

Those are some explanations about halal culinary tourism in Singapore that you can visit to enjoy typical food from various countries. Hopefully useful, especially for those of you who want to visit Singapore.

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