7 Most Beautiful Mountain Tourism Recommendations in South Korea

When you hear the name of South Korea, what comes to your mind? The series of dramas that have top quality or the ranks of their boy groups or girl groups that are crazy all over the world?

Yes, apart from advancing in the entertainment sector, the Ginseng Country’s tourism sector is no less slick. It is proven by tourist attractions in South Korea which are always hunted by tourists.

From the variety of interesting tourist attractions in South Korea, the mountains are one of the favorite destinations that you should not miss when on vacation in this country.

There are recorded some of the most beautiful mountains in South Korea where we highly recommend you to visit them. Anything? Let’s check these out!

1. Bukhansan Seoul

South Korea is a country that has a variety of tourist attractions suitable for young people . Various things related to Korea have always succeeded in capturing the attention of young people.

Talking about South Korea, of course you are familiar with Seoul, the busiest city in the country where this city is the center of South Korea’s economy.

Being the capital of South Korea, Seoul does not necessarily contain only skyscrapers. The reason is, there are also mountains that are recommended for you to visit in this city.

Yes, not far from the city center, for those of you who are interested in the most beautiful mountain in South Korea, please include the name Bukhansan Seoul in your list of tours.

Bukhansan Seoul is touted as the lungs of Seoul City where this mountain helps clean up the city’s carbon dioxide. Not only that, according to the experience of tourists who have visited it, Mount Bukhansan Seoul offers an incredibly beautiful panorama.

2. Seoraksan

Seoul, which is one of the most popular cities in South Korea for tourism, is indeed very interesting to explore. Not yet satisfied? There are many other areas in this country that are no less beautiful than Seoul, especially if you like nature tourism.

Add the name Seoraksan if you are interested in visiting one of the most beautiful mountains in this Ginseng Country. Yes, Seoraksan has a prestige that is already so famous among tourists.

Seoraksan itself is a mountain with a height of 1,708 which is one of the favorite spots for climbers in South Korea. With a relatively short distance, you can easily reach the peak of Seoraksan.

Arriving at the top, you will be greeted with stunning natural panoramas that you may have never found before while in South Korea. Not only that, when descending, don’t miss one of the most interesting spots on this mountain, the Cheonbuldong Valley.

3. Jirisan

As a country that has many seasons, if you are traveling to South Korea in autumn, be sure not to miss the sights of South Korea in autumn .

Talking about autumn, there is one mountain that is predicted to be the most beautiful where this mountain is perfect for you to visit when the season arrives. Yes, it is Jirisan Mountain.

Being the grandfather of the mainland mountains of South Korea, Jirisan has a fairly easy terrain to traverse so that even novice climbers will have no trouble exploring this Jirisan.

One of the most interesting spots in Jirisan, of course, is the peak where in autumn, you can see first-hand views of the rows of valleys below, such as the Piagol Valley. How? Interested?

4. Taebaeksan Dangun

Having a strong historical element, visiting the most beautiful mountains in South Korea provides a holiday experience that is difficult to find in other countries.

Not satisfied with the recommendations of the mountains that are said to be the most beautiful before? Don’t be satisfied just yet because there is still Mount Taebaeksan Dangun that is worth your visit.

Taebaeksan Dangun is said to be the mountain where the legendary founder of the ancient kingdom of Korea, Goguryeo was born. This is what makes Taebaeksan Dangun Mountain has a thick historical element.

Not only enjoying the stunning natural scenery, at the top of Mount Taebaeksan Dangun, you will also find a building that is often used as a ritual location to honor the gods.

So, if you are tired of visiting the most beautiful beaches in South Korea , it will not hurt to explore this Taebaeksan Dangun.

5. Hallasan

A vacation to South Korea is not complete without visiting the location which is said to be the highest peak in this country.

It is Hallasan, a mountain that gets the title as one of the most beautiful in South Korea. Mount Hallasan itself is located on Jeju Island and became the forerunner to the formation of an island with the best tourist destinations in South Korea.

Mount Hallasan itself is the highest peak in South Korea with an altitude of 1,950 meters above ground level.

Often used as a spot to climb, in Mount Hallasan there is one tourist spot that you should not miss when you are on this mountain, which is the lake.

6. Simhak

Want to enjoy the vast expanse of nature in the middle of the mountains while on vacation in South Korea? If so, then the name Simhak deserves to be included in your travel agenda.

Simhak adds to the long list of the most beautiful mountains in South Korea where on this mountain you will find the famous Poppy Garden.

The Poppy Garden itself is a vast expanse of poppy flowers that are extraordinarily enchanting. No wonder this park is the main destination for tourists visiting Mount Simhak.

The best time to visit Simhak is in June when the poppies will bloom. During this period, Poppy Park will be very crowded with tourists.

7. Daedun

Beautiful and extreme are the two words that describe Daedun, the most beautiful mountain recommendation in South Korea and the last Unique Tourist Attractions recommend to you.

It is said to be beautiful because like the previous mountains, Daedun offers stunning natural panoramas from above.

While the word extreme describes the two most iconic spots on this mountain, namely the suspension bridge that connects the two mountains.

The bridge that stretches for 40 meters is successful in spurring the adrenaline of the climbers, especially if the weather is quite windy. Interested in trying it?

That’s the recommendation of the most beautiful mountain in South Korea. Happy Holidays!

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