Cheap Hotels in Geylang

Geylang is one of the districts in Singapore. The Geylang area is known as the red district – the main localization place in Singapore. So do not be surprised if many are “hanging out” in this area.

The legal area for prostitution is Geylang with an even numbered aisle (lor). The characteristics of the place of prostitution are usually the house has a terrace, the house number is large and sparkling.

If you are a tourist, never “bid” a woman who is on the side of the road. It is illegal for women to “hang out” on the side of the road, and if you transact with them, you could get in trouble with the police.

Cheap Hotels

Here there are many cheap hotels ( budget hotels) , with the cheapest prices around $50-60 per room. The average hotel in Geylang is 1 or 2 stars, with fairly good facilities.

If you choose a hotel, you should choose one that is cheap and has more stars. Hotels with more stars usually have better facilities.

If you are a woman, or with family you should avoid hotels on Geylang Road, and choose hotels on Sims Avenue Road. If you have to avoid a hotel whose aisle number (north) is even.

If you only use it as a bed at night, the cheap hotel is good enough. Some budget hotels to choose from include:

  • Amrise Hotel on Sim Avenue
  • Hotel Chain 81
  • Fragrance Hotel Chain
  • Regin Hotel on Sim Avenue

Hostel / Hotel Backpacker

If you are a group, backpacker hotels/hostels can be a cheap option. The price per bed for a backpacker hotel is around $20-$30.

Not a comfortable place for women and families

There are indeed many cheap hotels in the Geylang area. But you should be picky if you stay with family. Although the Geylang area is quite safe, this place is not very comfortable for female tourists or families.

As night fell, the street in front of the shophouses would be full of men sitting drinking beer until midnight. It’s uncomfortable if you are a woman or bring your family past people who are hanging out.

Tips for Living in the Geylang area

In general, the Geylang area is safe to live in. However, if you are a tourist and this is your first time to Singapore, you should pay attention to the following:

  • If you are a female tourist or you bring your family, you should not stay in this area.
  • Choose a hotel with more stars, because cleanliness and facilities are usually better.
  • Avoid hotels in even-numbered hallways.
  • If you are Muslim, be picky when you want to eat because most of the food there contains pork/lard; you should choose an Indian restaurant. Please see Halal Food in Singapore .
  • Choose the one close to the MRT station. The nearest MRT station is Ajunied, so choose the one closest to Aljunied station.

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