Spaghetti Business Opportunity and Business Analysis

Product Details Spaghetti Business Opportunity and Business Analysis

Have you ever tasted a culinary called spaghetti! Spaghetti is one of the delicious culinary delights loved by children to the elderly. This Italian food has a noodle-shaped appearance which is served using pasta. The pasta used usually uses a savory sauce which is usually added with a mixture of toppings on it, from meat, chicken, sausage, cheese and others. The process of making spaghetti is fairly easy so anyone can enjoy it. Spaghetti is preferred because the taste is very delicious and tempting. Spaghetti is one of the most sought after culinary delights. This foreign food enthusiast is so big in Indonesia that it makes the spaghetti business opportunity even more promising. Spaghetti business is not a new type of business but this business has a lot of demand. From children to adults love spaghetti as one of their favorite foods. The high fan of spaghetti also makes the potential of this food business even more promising. Spaghetti business is one of the profitable businesses that you can run. You are interested in running a spaghetti business! Want to know how to run a spaghetti business with easy steps! For those of you who are interested in running a spaghetti business, it’s a good idea to listen to the full review below. The following is more complete information on the spaghetti business below:

Business opportunity for spaghetti

The opportunity for the spaghetti business is very good and very bright. The spaghetti business has become a promising choice of noodle culinary business from abroad so that many people are interested in pursuing the business. The culinary business opportunity for noodles from abroad, namely spaghetti, is still wide open and very profitable for anyone. Are you interested in running this spaghetti business option?

Prospects in running a spaghetti business

Prospects in the spaghetti business can be said to be very bright and profitable. Where through the spaghetti business can bring bombastic profits. Businesses that deal with processed spaghetti have very good prospects in the future. The spaghetti business, which has been growing since the beginning until now, is also never empty of consumers.

Starting a spaghetti business

When running a spaghetti business, you can start with easy and easy steps. In running a spaghetti business can be run in small capital requirements. Those who are involved in the spaghetti business can be done on a home scale using a small amount of capital.

Spaghetti businessman

This spaghetti business can and is suitable to be run by everyone who wants to want a profitable noodle culinary business from abroad. For anyone who wants to run a spaghetti business very easily, the spaghetti production process is easy and profitable.

Spaghetti business customer

Spaghetti consumers are not difficult, the delicious sensation served by spaghetti is able to attract many people. Spaghetti consumers are quite large and unlimited from children to adults.

Spaghetti business raw materials

In running a spaghetti business requires raw materials for its manufacture. To make delicious spaghetti, you need raw materials, namely instant spaghetti, ground beef, fresh tomatoes, cornstarch, tomato sauce, onions, oregano powder, garlic, olive oil, cooking oil, cheese, sausage and others. To find raw materials for spaghetti, you can find it at the nearest store, market or supermarket.

Spaghetti business equipment

In the spaghetti business, you need some important equipment including a sales cart, panic, noodle slicer, large skillet, spice grinder, spatula, food lifter, stove and gas cylinder, tables, chairs, cutting boards, trays, napkins, plates, spoons, forks, knives. , banners, cheese graters and other equipment.

Strategic location in selling spaghetti

In selling spaghetti, you can choose the right location, strategically and crowded. Spaghetti business can open outlets, or restaurants in shopping centers, downtown, near schools, markets, near hospitals, suburbs, city parks, around campus and others.

Spaghetti business employee

Employees in running a spaghetti business can use one person first in the beginning.

Spaghetti selling price

You can make a price benchmark for spaghetti in a matter of per serving where prices start from Rp. 12,000 to Rp. 20,000.

Spaghetti business promotion strategy

Spaghetti business marketing can be done by making delicious and different spaghetti. In addition, you can take advantage of noodle culinary promotions from abroad through social media, both Facebook, Path, Whats Upp, We Chat, BBM, Instagram as well as online buying and selling sites and others. You can also run a spaghetti marketing strategy by distributing various brochures.

Advantages of running a spaghetti business

The advantage if you choose to jump into spaghetti business opportunity this is that it is a noodle dish from abroad that is loved by many people.

Lack of spaghetti business

The downside of the spaghetti business is that spaghetti has a high and tight level of competition. So that in selling spaghetti it can be minimized by making spaghetti different and unique in winning the competition.

Spaghetti business analysis


  • Long time in use from: sales cart for 5 years
  • Long time in use from: pan for 5 years
  • Long time in use from: noodle slicer for 5 years
  • Long time in use from: large skillet for 5 years
  • Long time in use from: spice pulverizing machine for 5 years
  • Long time in use from: spatula for 3.5 years
  • Long time in use from: food lifter for 3.5 years
  • Long time in use from: stove and gas cylinder for 5 years
  • Long time in use from: table for 5 years
  • Duration of use from: chair for 5 years
  • Long time in use from: cutting board for 3.5 years
  • Time in use from: tray for 3.5 years
  • Long time in use from: napkin for 3.5 years
  • Long time in use from: plate for 3.5 years
  • Long time in use from: spoon for 3.5 years
  • Long time in use from: fork for 3.5 years
  • Time in use of: knife for 3.5 years
  • Long time in use of: banner for 3.5 years
  • Long time in use from: grated cheese for 3.5 years
  • Time in use of: other equipment for 3.5 years


Equipment Price
sales cart Rp. 1,824,700
pot Rp. 316,500
peniris mie Rp. 18,600
big skillet Rp. 274,500
spice grinder machine Rp. 221,400
spatula Rp. 16,500
food lifter Rp. 14,500
gas stove and cylinder Rp. 325,000
table Rp. 355,500
chair Rp. 553,200
cutting board Rp. 8,200
tray Rp. 15,550
napkin Rp. 8,500
plate Rp. 98,550
spoon Rp. 33,000
clean Rp. 35,550
knife Rp. 11,500
banner Rp. 37,500
grated cheese Rp. 21,500
Other additional equipment Rp. 8,250
Investment Amount Rp. 4,198,500


Fixed cost Score
Depreciation of selling carts 1/62 x Rp. 1,824,700 Rp. 29,431
Shrinkage of the pan 1/62 x Rp. 316,500 Rp. 5,105
Shrinkage of noodle slicer 1/44 x Rp. 18,600 Rp. 423
Large wok shrinkage 1/62 x Rp. 274,500 Rp. 4,427
Shrinkage of the spice grinder machine 1/62 x Rp. 221,400 Rp. 3,571
Shrinkage of 1/44 x Rp. 16,500 Rp. 375
Food lifter depreciation 1/44 x Rp. 14,500 Rp. 330
Shrinkage of stove and gas cylinder 1/62 x Rp. 325,000 Rp. 5,242
Table depreciation 1/62 x Rp. 355,500 Rp. 5,734
Chair shrinkage 1/62 x Rp. 553,200 Rp. 8,923
Shrinkage of the cutting board 1/44 x Rp. 8,200 Rp. 186
Tray shrinkage 1/44 x Rp. 15,550 Rp. 353
Napkin shrinkage 1/44 x Rp. 8,500 Rp. 193
Shrinkage plate 1/44 x Rp. 98.550 Rp. 2,240
Shrinkage spoon 1/44 x Rp. 33,000 Rp. 750
Fork depreciation 1/44 x Rp. 35550 Rp. 808
Shrinkage of blades 1/44 x Rp. 11,500 Rp. 261
Banner shrinkage 1/62 x Rp.37,500 Rp. 605
Shredded cheese 1/44 x Rp. 21,500 Rp. 489
Other equipment depreciation 1/44 x Rp 8,250 Rp. 188
employee salary Rp. 1,300,000
Total Fixed Cost Rp. 1,369,633


Variable Cost
instant spaghetti Rp. 93,500  x 30 = Rp. 2,805,000
ground beef Rp. 135,500  x 30 = Rp. 4,065,000
fresh tomatoes Rp. 13,100  x 30 = Rp. 393,000
cornstarch Rp. 16,500  x 30 = Rp. 495,000
tomato sauce Rp. 15,500  x 30 = Rp. 465,000
onion Rp. 18,500  x 30 = Rp. 555,000
oregano powder Rp. 17,000  x 30 = Rp. 510,000
garlic Rp. 27,000  x 30 = Rp. 810,000
cooking oil Rp. 23,000  x 30 = Rp. 690,000
olive oil Rp. 21,000  x 30 = Rp. 630,000
cheese Rp. 28,500  x 30 = Rp. 855,000
sausage Rp. 23,500  x 30 = Rp. 705,000
other ingredients Rp. 40,500  x 30 = Rp. 1,215,000
receptacle Rp. 18,000  x 30 = Rp. 540,000
promotion Rp. 5,000  x 30 = Rp. 150,000
washing soap Rp. 250  x 30 = Rp. 7,500
gas lpg Rp. 17,000  x 30 = Rp. 510,000
rent location Rp. 20,000  x 30 = Rp. 600,000
water and electricity Rp. 15,000  x 30 = Rp. 450,000
Total Variable Cost Rp. 16,450,500


Total Operating Cost
Fixed cost + variable cost = Rp. 17,820,133


Monthly Income
45 portion  x Rp. 15,000 = Rp. 675,000
Rp. 675,000  x 30  hr = Rp. 20,250,000


Profit per Month
Profit = Total Revenue – Total Operating Cost
Rp. 20,250,000 17,820,133 = Rp. 2,429,867


Long Return on Capital
Total Investment / Profit = Rp. 4,198,500 : 2,429,867 = 2 month

From the analysis above, it can be concluded that the spaghetti business is very profitable where the capital is IDR 4,198,500 with a monthly profit of IDR 2,429,867 and the return on investment in 2 months.

This spaghetti business cannot run optimally if it does not use a bain marie machine in its processing. The use of a bain marie machine is needed so that the spaghetti production process runs smoothly and effectively. The performance of the bain marie machine is to process spaghetti in a practical and easy way. The appearance of the bain marie engine is very modern where its performance is very reliable and runs so fast. Making spaghetti is easier and more practical by using a bain marie machine. Compared to the manual method, it makes spaghetti using a bain marie machine appear easier and superior. You can have a machine to make spaghetti with satisfactory results directly through the Maksindo Machine Shop. Maxindo’s bain marie machines are available in small to large capacities with the best quality.

That was the review of the spaghetti business opportunity and the business analysis that can be used as a reference to start the spaghetti business. Interested in trying the spaghetti business? The spaghetti business is a very promising business choice. In running a spaghetti business, don’t forget to use a bain marie machine so that the business runs smoothly and optimally. Hopefully the information about the opportunities from the spaghetti business can be useful in the progress of the noodle culinary business from abroad.

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