The cost of living in Singapore

The minimum salary is 10 million, but the cost of living in Singapore is this expensive

The minimum salary is 10 million, but the cost of living in Singapore is this expensive

Many people want to live in Singapore. One of the reasons is the minimum salary which reportedly reaches Rp. 10 million. But, how much is the cost of living in Singapore with such a large salary?

Previously, we discussed why they dared to give such a large salary. It’s not surprising actually. Predicated as one of the richest countries in the world, you know.

Public facilities available in this country are also adequate. Starting from the availability of buses, MRT, LRT, to monorail trains . That’s what makes traffic jams so rare.

But it doesn’t feel complete if you don’t protect yourself with health insurance so that if you have to go to the hospital you don’t have to worry about expensive bills because the insurance will cover it.

Back to the original problem, so how much does it cost to live in Singapore? To answer it, let’s look at the following review, quoted from Numbeo .

Oh yes, Lifepal has also reviewed the cost of living in Malaysia , Brunei Darussalam , and Japan , you know, just in case you’re curious to compare them.

1. Monthly shopping

Some say shopping in Singapore is expensive. Opinion is true, especially for the needs of everyday life. Monthly shopping there is more expensive than in Indonesia.

For example, rice. In Singapore, rice is sold at a price of 2.59 Singapore Dollars or Rp. 27 thousand per kilogram. While in Indonesia it is only Rp. 12 thousand. The high price of rice is because one commodity is imported. Where is the rice field there?

Meat is also more expensive. Per kilogram it can reach 14 Singapore dollars or Rp. 146 thousand. In Indonesia, it’s around Rp. 117 thousand.

2. Residential rental rates

If you plan to live there, it’s important to know the cost of living in Singapore. It turns out that the price of housing there is very expensive.

Just so you know, the price of apartments there can reach 22,909 Singapore Dollars or Rp. 240 million per square meter. Try to calculate if you buy a studio type apartment with an area of ​​​​30 square meters. That means you spend IDR 7.2 billion to buy a small apartment.

That’s why more people choose to rent. Per month, the rent for a one-bedroom apartment is around 2,606 Singapore Dollars or Rp. 27 million. That rate is for apartments in the city.

While outside the city, the rental rate for a one-bedroom apartment is around 1,656 Singapore Dollars or Rp. 17 million per month. Yes, still more than here.

3. Transportation costs

Behind the guaranteed availability of transportation facilities, apparently there are high costs that must be paid by consumers. For those of you who have to take public transportation everywhere, don’t forget to enter the cost of living in Singapore on this one.

In Singapore the one-way fare is around 1.70 Singapore Dollars or Rp. 17 thousand. Unlike in Indonesia, the one-way fare is only Rp. 4,000.

If you choose to buy a monthly subscription ticket, you have to spend 100 Singapore Dollars or IDR 1 million.

4. Shopping for clothes

In addition to the costs above, the cost of living in Singapore is also expensive, you know. If you want to have jeans, you need to spend up to 94.55 Singapore Dollars or almost Rp. 1 million. In Indonesia, with that kind of capital, you can get two jeans, right?

The same thing is also found when buying loafers. There the selling price reached 115.89 Singapore Dollars, equivalent to Rp. 1.2 million. In Indonesia, good quality loafers can be obtained at a price of 78 Singapore dollars or only Rp. 818 thousand.

5. Meal costs

The cost of living in Singapore is also very expensive. As cheap as the cost of eating there, for us, it’s definitely expensive.

There, the cost of eating at a cheap restaurant only reaches 11 Singapore Dollars or Rp. 115 thousand. In Indonesia, that cost is more than enough. In fact, you can make three meals.

For those of you who like to travel, it’s better to bring drinking water from home. The problem is that the price of 330 milliliters bottled mineral water is around 1.18 Singapore Dollars or Rp. 12 thousand.

Don’t forget to also prepare your savings well so you don’t make it difficult for yourself in the future. Let’s count from now on.

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