5 Best Business Ideas For Students: Small Capital

Students are a transitional phase between teenagers and adults, where apart from struggling with college assignments, you are also required to start self-study and practice earning your own income, even if it’s just to add pocket money or dating fees. Haha.

Some students work part-time in restaurants, shops or teach in tutoring settings. Some other students choose to pursue a small business which they think is more flexible in dividing their time.

If you choose to do business, then it is better for you to run a business that only requires a small capital so that it does not drain your pocket money too much. It’s not funny if you have to ask your parents for extra money to run a business. Yes, thank you if you give it, if it’s even sprayed? Ha ha

Therefore, as a student, you must be selective in determining what type of business you will run, choose the one that really makes a profit. Don’t just try or risk you will lose money.


For fellow students who want to try to do business, we have 5 business ideas that are most suitable for students. Of course, with a small capital but promises abundant profits. Curious right? Me too…hee

1. Tutoring Business

Tutoring at home is now increasingly in demand by parents because learning at school is sometimes not able to meet the learning needs of children. So that children still need additional time to be able to understand the subject matter.

Therefore, tutoring is a promising business in the field of education because it is needed by many parents so that their children can learn optimally. The need for tutoring is now not only for urban communities but also for people in the suburbs and even rural areas.

Effective tutoring is usually limited to a few subjects, for example subjects that are included in the national exam, or even some that only focus on one area such as math tutoring, English tutoring, and so on.

You can plan this business with college friends, of course they will want to get additional income, right? By building a team business, you will have lots of resources to do many things such as determining teaching methods, promotions, and of course going directly to teaching.

2. Assignment or Thesis Guidance Business

This is an observant business with a clear market share, STUDENTS. You must have a lot of friends who have difficulty or are lazy to do assignments, some are even in their old semester but their thesis is not finished.

If a friend of yours is having a hard time with a pile of college assignments, offer to help him by setting a reasonable price for students. Although this is a bit unethical for an academic area, from an economic point of view, it is normal for businesses to appear to solve other people’s problems.

You can offer paper writing services, power point writing services, or material summary services. If you can master various materials outside of your college major, that’s great, but if not, you can recruit students from other majors to become your business partners.

Thesis guidance services and data analysis are also interesting, there are lots of students who don’t graduate because they have been neglected in working on their thesis for years. In fact, if you want to be serious, it’s only 3 months away.

As long as you are diligent in reading and have many references to other journals and theses which are now very easy to find on the internet, you can become a good and correct mentor and of course get paid. Don’t want it for free… hehe.

3. Graduation Assistance Service Business

As a student, you must have often heard the ridicule, “Why do you only invite your parents to graduate, do you take report cards”. This is a sentence that is often said for prospective graduates or graduates who do not have a partner or are single.

Do you have to take graduation with a trailer? Hey what do you think? Shouldn’t it?

This graduation companion service already exists in several big cities such as Jakarta or Surabaya, because apart from the large number of students, the demands for prestige in big cities are also higher. If there is no graduation companion service in the city or campus where you are studying, then this is an opportunity for you.

The first thing you have to do is open a freelance vacancy for a graduation companion, it can be male or female. It can be started from your closest friends or open to the public.

After applicants enter, you can make a selection or you can accommodate them all. Let the client who will choose according to taste. So that when you become a graduation assistant you are not nervous about being next to a client or chatting with the client’s parents, you must hold a rehearsal first between the facilitator and the client.

4. Become an Influencer

An influencer is someone who has many followers on social media, has character, interesting content, and is able to influence his followers. Many young people are also trying their luck to become Instagram, as in all fields of work, some succeed and some fail.

You will never know if you will succeed or fail if you have never tried. What you should pay attention to is that when you start trying, you have to do good and detailed planning.

Planning starts with rebuilding your social media, for example Instagram. Rearrange posts on Instagram, photo themes that are messy and as you like. We recommend that you delete all your photo posts, starting from scratch again according to the theme and personal brand that you will build.

What is a personal brand? Also called personal character, which is the hallmark of an account that you build. Is it a traveler, health influencer, fashion styler, or maybe a poet.

This character will later determine the content of your content on an ongoing basis and the group of netizens who will become your followers. This is called a niche, which is the most specific point about an area of ​​the entire market ecosystem, which in this case is netizens.


5. Copy Writer Service Business

What is copywriting? Is it the same as copying writing on a piece of paper?

Of course not…

Copywriting is about copying all the information on a product and describing it in a piece of writing with the aim of increasing sales of a product.

Is it possible to get people to buy our products just by writing on the website or Instagram? Of course you can, that’s why you need copywriting skills along with all the techniques so that you can hypnotize your readers to immediately do what you want as soon as they finish reading your writing.

There are three basic principles of copywriting that you must understand, namely:

Copy, take all the basic information of the product or service to be marketed.

Writing, rewriting the information into paragraphs accompanied by persuasive sentences to attract the reader’s attention to continue reading your article to completion.

Conversion, when the reader then does what you want. Whether it’s buying a product, ordering a service, or downloading an app.

The copywriting maker is called a copywriter, whose function is equivalent to a salesman in a direct selling business pattern who directly deals with potential buyers, explaining the products in his hands complete with all the benefits that prospective buyers will get.

Make sure that potential buyers really need the product, and end with closing . Finally the person buys your product. This is called CAT, Call To Action .

CAT is the purpose of Copywriting, namely so that after reading your article about a product, the reader will do what you want, namely buy the product.
Interested in learning about copywriting? You can use these skills to sell your own products or hone yourself as a professional copywriter to work for an advertising agency, online marketing company, or freelancer.

In order to become a professional copy writer, you have to instill a copy writer mindset in your head, that is, copywriting is not just writing writing but must also enter the reader’s subconscious.

So being a copywriter is someone who is able to position himself as the target of the writing itself. Deciding what the reader wants will determine how your writing is formed.


The 5 business ideas above are very suitable for students because they tend to require small capital, flexible time and easy to do between lectures.

Hopefully it can inspire you to learn to earn extra income. You can also listen to other business ideas that have been summarized on the Bisnis.blog website. Happy business!!.

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