28 Popular Tourist Attractions in Bogor in 2021

Are you looking for references to natural attractions in Bogor or tourist attractions that are suitable for families? The following are recommendations for tourist attractions in Bogor in 2021.

The city of Bogor always presents exciting, new and interesting tourist attractions. No wonder the City of Rain is one of the favorite vacation choices in West Java.

Because of its relatively close distance to the capital city of Jakarta, Bogor has become a favorite tourist destination for residents of Jakarta and its surroundings.

Well, for Toppers who plan to spend the weekend exploring the wealth of Bogor tourism, consider the following recommendations for current tourist attractions in the city of Bogor and its surroundings:

Tourism in Bogor & Surroundings

1. The Lake of Saat

bogor tourism
Image source: bapermulu
  • Location: North Tugu Village, Cisarua District, Bogor Regency.
  • Ticket Price: Entrance ticket IDR 31,000, Parking IDR 5,000

One of the newest tourist spots in the Bogor Puncak area is a lake hidden among tea plantations.

The name of this new tourist spot in Bogor is Telaga Saat. Its location which is flanked by tea plantations, hills and trees makes Telaga Saat very exotic. This place that is still rarely visited has very clear water, cool air and a panoramic view that refreshes the eyes.

For those of you who like to capture moments by taking pictures, there is a good spot, namely in a gazebo with its back to the hills and the lake.

2. Panorama Pabangbon

tourist attractions in bogor
Image source: IG @sr_sekartanjung
  • Location: Leuwiliang, Bogor, West Java
  • Ticket Price: –

Bogor is a paradise for nature tourism. For those of you who want to see the scenery in the form of landscapes and forests in the Bogor area, you can visit this one tourist spot.

Panorama Pabangbon is the peak of a pine forest. No wonder there are many instagramable photo spots here. Even some of them have been decorated in such a way by the manager so that we don’t have to bother looking for the best photo spots.

Planning to visit here? It is recommended to drive a motorbike or car in prime condition because the road is narrow and uphill. But, the scenery that you can see will not disappoint, Toppers.

3. Curug Cikuluwung

tourist attractions in bogor
Image source: IG curug.cikuluwung
  • Location: Cibitung Wetan, Pamijahan, Bogor
  • Ticket Price: IDR 10,000-IDR 20,000/person + Parking

Toppers must have heard of the name Green Canyon, a famous natural tourist spot in Pangandaran.

Well, this waterfall has the nickname Little Green Canyon because of its resemblance to the body rafting tourist spot, only this is a mini version.

At Curug Cikuluwung, Toppers can find clear water pools flanked by giant rock walls. In this place Toppers can play as much water as they want while taking pictures in various very interesting spots.

4. Mount Pancar Nature Tourism Park

the best tourist attraction in bogor
Image source: phinemo
  • Location: Kp. Ciburial Karang Tengah Village, Kec. Babakan Madang, Bogor Regency
  • Ticket Days: IDR 5,000.00 (Monday – Friday), IDR 7,500,- (Saturday – Sunday)

For nature lovers, this tourist attraction around Bogor and Puncak can be a suitable refreshing alternative  .

The charm of the pine forest in this tourist area is popular as a place to shoot camera lenses and also as a favorite Pre-wedding photo location .

In addition to its natural beauty, in this tourist complex in Bogor there is also a hot spring which adds to the natural tourist attraction of Mount Pancar.

5. Jonggol Rock Tour

tourist attractions in bogor
Image source: ahmadpajalibinzah
  • Location: Sukaharja, Sukamakmur, Bogor
  • Ticket Price: IDR 15,000

The next choice of natural tourism in Bogor and its surroundings is Mount Batu Jonggol. This place is most suitable for those of you who like to do hiking. 

With a height of about 875 meters above sea level, of course the panotama at the top of Mount Batu Jonggol is very enchanting and will make fatigue from  hiking disappear.

6. De Ranch Megamedung

tourist attractions in bogor
Image source: tourism data
  • Location: Jl. Raya Puncak – Cianjur No.428, Desa Leuwimalang, Kecamatan Cisarua, Kabupaten Bogor
  • Operating Hours: 09.00 – 17.00 WIB
  • Ticket Price: IDR 20,000

The uniqueness of this Bogor tourist spot is the experience of exploring the Cowboy world it offers.

Not only feeling the western-style countryside and the beauty of the flower garden, Toppers can also try horseback riding or try archery like a cowboy.

In addition to various other interesting rides, this place also offers a variety of delicious culinary delights that can be enjoyed while looking at the beautiful natural panorama of Bogor.

7. Jayamix Quarry Lake

tourist attractions in bogor
Image source: travel guide
  • Location: Tegalega, Cigudeg, Bogor
  • Ticket Price: IDR 2,000

Starting from a former sand mine that is no longer operating, Lake Quarry has become one of the most instagrammable tourist destinations in Bogor and its surroundings .

With beautiful panoramas and bluish water surfaces, of course this place is really suitable as a place to calm down when the holidays arrive.

8. Mount Peyek Hot Springs

tourist attractions in bogor
Image source: denubay
  • Location: Ciseeng Market Street, Parung, Bojong Indah, Parung, Bogor

The right choice of tourism around Bogor to find other tranquility is the hot spring bath.

Bogor is famous for storing many interesting hot springs, one of which Toppers can visit is Gunung Payek Hot Springs.

This tourist attraction in Bogor offers the experience of soaking in hot springs amidst the beauty of enchanting nature.

9. Little Venice Peak

tourist attractions in bogor
Image source: jajanbeken
  • Location: Kota Bunga Estate, Jl. Hanjawar, Ds. Sukanagalih Pacet, Cipanas, Cianjur
  • Operating Hours: 09.00 – 17.00 WIB
  • Ticket price: IDR 20,000

You don’t have to go all the way to Europe to feel the beauty of Venice. Little Venice Puncak is one of the peak tourist destinations in the form of an area that is architecturally designed to resemble the city of Venice.

In addition to enjoying a variety of  spots that  instagramble , Toppers can enjoy the beauty of this region through the Gondola or explore the city’s water use like a boat in Venice.

Anyway, this tourist spot around Bogor must be included in your next family vacation list

10. Giri Jaya Deer Breeding Tour

tourist attractions in bogor
Image source: cimanggubogor
  • Location: Buana Jaya Village, Tanjung Sari District, Bogor Regency
  • Operating Hours: 07.00 – 17.00 WIB
  • Ticket Price:  IDR 2,500

The next tourist spot in Bogor that is quite in demand is the Giri Jaya Deer Captive Tourism Wana.

In this deer captivity, there are various types of deer including Cheetal Deer, Javanese Deer, and also Bawean Deer.

In this Bogor natural tourist attraction, Toppers can interact with deer while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery.

In addition, this tourist attraction in Bogor also provides various  outbound and  camping suggestions as an alternative for your activities when you stop at this deer captivity.

11. Sindangbarang Cultural Village

tourist attractions in bogor
Image source: injurytime
  • Location: Jl. Endang Suma Wijaya, RT02 RW08, Sindang Barang, Menteng Hamlet, Pasir Eurih Village, Tamansari District, Bogor
  • Operating Hours: 07.00 – 17.00 WIB
  • Ticket price:  IDR 55,000.00/person (minimum 40 people)

Want to get to know and feel more deeply about Sundanese culture? This Bogor city tourist attraction could be the answer.

At Sindangbarang Cultural Village, Toppers can not only see various Sundanese customs and traditional performances, but also experience life like traditional Sundanese people such as participating in pounding rice and various other activities in the village.

12. Indonesian Safari Park

tourist attractions in bogor
Image source: jakartapost
  • Location: Jalan Raya Puncak No.601, Cibeureum Village, Cisarua District, Bogor Regency
  • Operational Hours: 08.30 – 17.00 WIB (weekdays); 08.00 – 17.00 WIB (weekends and national holidays)
  • Ticket Price: IDR 180.000,00/person, IDR 20.000,00 for car, IDR 10,000, for motorbike

Taman Safari Indonesia has long been a popular choice of tourist attractions in Bogor. Besides being able to see various species of fauna, Toppers and his family can see various shows and also interact directly with various tame fauna.

To add to the excitement of your vacation, this family tourist attraction in Bogor is also equipped with a variety of exciting game rides ranging from those that test adrenaline to rides that small children can enjoy.

13. Bogor Botanical Gardens

tourist attractions in bogor

After traveling with various fauna at Taman Safari, this next tourist attraction in the city of Bogor is where you can learn about various flora in the archipelago.

Beredri since 1817 on an area of ​​87 hectares, the Bogor Botanical Gardens is home to more than 15,000 species of plants and is home to the oldest presidential palace in Indonesia, the Bogor Palace which was built in 1744.

Location: Jl. Ir. Haji Djuanda No.13, Paledang Village, Central Bogor District, Bogor
Operational Hours: 08.00 – 17.00 WIB
Ticket Price: Rp 15.000,00

14. Zoological Museum

tourist attractions in bogor
Image source: goodnewsfromindonesia
  • Location: Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 9, Paledang Village, Central Bogor City District, Bogor
  • Operational Hours: 07.30 – 16.00 WIB (Monday – Thursday), 07.30 – 11.30 WIB & 13.00 – 16.30 (Friday), 08.00 – 17.00 WIB (Saturday – Sunday and national holidays)
  • Ticket Price: IDR 15,000

Next to the Bogor Botanical Gardens, there are other favorite tourist attractions in the city of Bogor that you can visit.

The museum, which has started collecting animal collections since 1894, stores millions of animal fossils ranging from mammals, birds, to various types of insects and fish.

15. Nusantara Flower Garden

tourist attractions in bogor
Image source: travellink
  • Hotel Area: Jalan Mariwati Km7, Desa Kawungluwuk, Kec. Sukaresmi, Cianjur
  • Operational Hours: 08.00 – 17.00 WIB (Monday – Friday), 08.00 – 17.30 WIB (Saturday, Sunday and national holidays)
  • Ticket Price: IDR 30,000

In addition to the Bogor Botanical Gardens, other tourist attractions around Bogor and Puncak that offer the beauty of the Nusantara Flora are the Nusantara Flower Gardens.

Offering various gardens with concepts from various countries, Toppers is like being transported into a beautiful fairy tale land with various flowers and other ornamental plants.


16. Pura Parahyangan Agung Jagatkartta

tourist attractions in bogor
Image source: wikimedia
  • Location: Warungloa Village RT03/09, Tamansari Village, Tamansari District, the foot of Mount Salak.
  • Operating Hours: 07.00 – 17.00 WIB
  • Ticket Price: Free

The next list of tourist attractions in Bogor is the Parahyangan Agung Jagatkartta Temple. This religious tourism destination in Bogor is the largest temple in West Java province and the second largest in Indonesia after Besakih Temple on the island of Bali.

17. Curug Leuwi Cibaliung

tourist attractions in bogor
Image source: ksmtour
  • Location: Jl. Raya Mt. Pancar, Karang Tengah, Babakan Madang, Bogor
  • Ticket Price: IDR 15,000.00 to enter the Leuwi Hejo area and IDR 5,000 to enter the Leuwi Cibaliung area.

Bogor is also famous for its stunning waterfall tours, one of which is Curug Leuwi Cibaliung.

This tourist attraction in Bogor allows you to feel the freshness of nature and play in the water while enjoying a very natural panorama

18. Curug Cilember

tourist attractions in bogor
Image source: idplacewisata
  • Location: Jogjongan Village, Cisarua District, Bogor Regency
  • Ticket Price: IDR 12,000

Another waterfall alias waterfall in Bogor that can be a tourist choice around the next peak is Curug Cilember.

Having 7 levels of beautiful waterfalls, this one waterfall is one that is quite easy to access.

19. The Jungle Waterpark

tourist attractions in bogor
Image source: thejungleadventure
  • Location: Bogor Nirwana Boulevard, Bogor Nirwana Residence Housing, Jl. Dreded Pahlawan, South Bogor
  • Operational Hours: 10.00 – 18.00 WIB (Monday – Friday), 09.00 – 18.00 WIB (Saturday – Sunday and national holidays), 09.00 – 20.00 WIB ( high season )
  • Ticket price: IDR 80.000,00 (Monday – Friday), IDR 100,000,- (Saturday – Sunday and national holidays)

Confused where to take your little family this weekend? The Jungle Waterpark can be a tourist destination around Bogor of your choice.

Like a water playground in general, this Bogor tourist attraction offers a variety of fun rides that are kid-friendly but can also be enjoyed by adults.

20. Goa Agung Garunggang

tourist attractions in bogor
Image source: denubay
  • Location:  Karang Tengah 2, Babakan Madang, Sentul.

Goa Agung Garunggang is one of the tourist destinations around Bogor, West Java which is still rarely known by tourists.

In fact, this Bogor tourist attraction offers a natural charm that is perfect for Toppers who like to hunt for photos, you know.

Not to mention the sensation of exploring the beauty of stalactites in the cave which will certainly not be forgotten, making this tourist spot in Bogor a must visit for you.

21. Mekar Sari Tourism Park

tourist attraction in bogor
Image source: beritagar
  • Location: Jalan Raya Cileungsi -Jonggol KM.3, Mekarsari Village, Cileungsi District, Bogor Regency
  • Operational Hours: 06.00 – 16.00 WIB
  • Entrance Ticket: IDR 25,000.00/person, IDR 15,000.00 for car, IDR 5,000.00 for motorbike

From the name alone, Toppers can guess that in this Bogor tourist spot, you can enjoy fruit gardens and experience harvesting various types of fruit and taste the freshness firsthand.

However, besides that, this favorite tourist spot in Bogor also offers other activities such as  outbound and also the excitement of pedaling a water bike in the middle of an artificial lake.

22. Mount Gantole Peak Paragliding

tourist attraction in bogor
Image source: superadventure
  • Location: Jl. Raya Puncak Km 87, Paragliding Hill, Puncak, West Java, Tugu Sel., Cisarua, Bogor
  • Operational Hours: 08.00 – 17.00 WIB
  • Ticket price:  IDR 13,000.00 (entrance fee), IDR 350,000.00 (per flight)

Another exciting tourist activity in Puncak that can be an option while on vacation to Bogor and its surroundings is paragliding.

Although it sounds a little extreme, with a guide, of course this activity is very safe and interesting, especially for those of you who like adrenaline-pumping vacations.

23. Bukit Alesano

tourist attractions in bogor
Image source: where to go
  • Location: Cipelang Village, Cijeruk District, Bogor Regency

For Toppers who like  camping , Alesano Hill is one of the right Bogor tourist destinations.

Known as Bukit Bintang, here you can enjoy a night view full of stars and a beautiful sunrise panorama from the crevices of Mount Salak and Mount Gede.

24. Highland Park Resort

tourist attractions in bogor
Image source: Cekajah
  • Location: Jl. Curug Nangka Sinarwangi, Sukajadi, Kec. Tamansari, Bogor, Jawa Barat 16610
  • Operating Hours: 24 hours
  • Room price: From IDR 1,000,000,-/night

Well, this Bogor tourist destination is suitable for those of you who want to find a comfortable tourist spot but still feel the beauty of the rainy city.

Accommodation with a unique tent concept that is very different from hotels or inn villas in general.

The modern tent at Highland Park Resort is Mongolian and Apache style, you just choose which model you like. 

25. Plant Eagle Sanctuary

tourist attractions in bogor
Image source: kaskus
  • Location: Bumi Perkemahan Suaka Elang, Ciburayut, Cigombong, Bogor
  • Operational Hours: 08.00 – 17.00 WIB
  • Ticket price: IDR 20,000

Eagle Loji Sanctuary is not an ordinary natural tourist spot. This rainforest area offers nature tourism as well as conservation-based education.

Yes, this is a conservation area for the gallant birds of prey: Eagles. You can see firsthand the activities of the eagles in one of the three cages in this conservation area.

The maintenance of eagles is very crucial in order to keep the ecosystem and food chain stable.

By visiting the Elang Loji Sanctuary, it means that you are supporting this conservation activity, Toppers.

26. House of Hobbit Cisarua Bogor

tourist attractions in bogor
Image source: fairytaletravel
  • Location: Jl . Gandamanah No.251, Tugu Sel., Kec. Cisarua, Bogor
  • Operating Hours: 24 hours
  • Ticket price: IDR 10,000 (Monday-Friday), IDR 20,000 (Saturday-Sunday)

This tourist attraction is precisely named Pinewood Lodge & Organic Farm, but it is better known as the House of Hobbit because it has a concept like the house in the film The Lord of the Rings.

Not only as a background for your photos, you can also enter the Hobbit’s house.

For lovers of the film The Lord of the Rings, this is a must come here. Like being in a movie with the hobbits, who wouldn’t be interested?

 27. Matahari Tourism Park

tourist attractions in bogor
Image source: kilangbara
  • Location: Jalan Raya Puncak KM 77 No 132, Cilember, Cisarua, Bogor
  • Operational Hours: 08.00 – 16.00 WIB (Monday-Friday), 08.00 – 17.00 WIB (Saturday-Sunday)
  • Ticket price: IDR 50,000,- (Monday-Friday), IDR 60,000,- (Saturday-Sunday)

Another educational park that can be your family vacation choice to spend the weekend.

Want to take your family to many places so you don’t get bored? Just come here! There are many rides and activities that you can do at Taman Wisata Matahari with your family.

Not only children, there are also many rides for adults. So, for Toppers who are not married, you can really vacation here with friends.

28. Nine Doors

tourist attractions in bogor
Image source: bogorraincake
  • Location: Padjadjaran Street, Bogor

Lawang salapan, which means gate nine, has now become a new icon for the city of Bogor. This nine-door building consisting of 10 pillars and an open courtyard is suitable as a place for photo hunting.

This photo with a background of magnificent buildings and views of the city can be a complement to your photo collection, which mostly contains natural views of the city of Bogor after visiting some of the places above.

Well, there are not a few tourist options in Bogor and its surroundings that are interesting to spend the weekend with family or friends.

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