You Must Have, Here Are 8 Advantages Of Gold Investment That You Need To Know

In this era, many people are starting to learn and are tempted by investing. There are many investment instruments to choose from, one of which is gold. Gold is an instrument that is suitable for all ages.

Launching from various sources, gold investment in Indonesia is also very common. On the other hand, the price of gold that often rises every year makes many people choose it. So, what are the advantages of investing in gold? Come on, see the info below!

What are the Benefits of Investing?

In general, there are many advantages to investing in gold, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. These benefits will be felt more and more in the long term, Friend Shopee. By investing, you can increase your income.

In addition, investing also keeps you from inflation that occurs every year. On the other hand, you can also get a compounding effect where you will get income from previous income. The following are the advantages of investing, namely:

  • Increase currency value
  • Prepare future funds
  • Retirement ready
  • Open the knowledge
  • Train decision making

Gold Investment Benefits


1. Its existence is accepted by many people

gold investment
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One of the advantages of investing in gold that you need to understand is the existence of gold which is known and accepted by many people around the world. In fact, gold had become the dominant medium of exchange.

Its history, which has been known since time immemorial, makes the value of this precious metal increase every year. So you will benefit from investing in gold, Shopee pal.

2. One of the most liquid investments

gold investment
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Because its existence is accepted by many people, it makes gold easy to trade, Shopee pal. Therefore, gold investments can be said to be liquid or have good liquidity.

Thus, based on various sources, the advantage of investing in gold is that wherever you are and at any time, you can convert it into cash, you know!


3. Gold values ​​tend to be stable

gold tends to be stable
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Another advantage of gold investment is the value of gold which tends to be stable. Thus, it can be said that gold has lower volatility than other investment instruments.

You don’t have to worry too much because the value of gold which tends to be stable doesn’t make the price of gold go up or down in a short time, Shopee pal.

4. Many Gold Investment Options

gold investment benefits
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There are many types of gold investments that you can choose from, Shopee pal. In addition to ANTAM’s physical form, you can also buy online investments similar to ANTAM’s gold , you know!

This technological advancement allows you to buy gold investments regularly and can enjoy free storage services. The gold you buy can be printed after it weighs 1 gram.

5. Can be traded online

buy gold online
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Advances in technology have made things easier and more practical. One of them is investing. The next advantage of gold investment is that it can be traded online, Friend Shopee.

Now there are many platforms that provide gold buying and selling services by offering various benefits. Starting from convenience, practicality, free administration fees, low initial capital, and others.

6. Its movement can be monitored at any time

monitored anytime
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Because it can be traded online, you can also monitor the movement of gold investments that you make anywhere and anytime. This allows you to get the best price.

With real time information , you can see when prices go up and down. You can also sell gold when the price is rising and buy gold when the price is down. The profit will be maximized, right?

7. Become an Emergency Fund

become an emergency fund
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Being an emergency fund is one of the advantages of investing in gold that you can feel, Shopee pal. Given that gold is one of the most liquid investment instruments, it is easy to liquidate at any time.

Therefore, when you have a gold investment, you can make it an emergency fund. When in an urgent situation and need money quickly, you can also sell the gold you have.

8. Become Future Savings

future savings
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In addition to being an emergency fund, another advantage of investing in gold is that it can be used as savings in the future such as going on a pilgrimage, buying a house, to buying. You can convert the required costs.

Given the price of gold that often increases every year, so how much profit will you get if you have gold savings for 10 years? Very useful, right?

Gold Investment on Shopee

Shopee friends already know that now you can invest in gold at Shopee, you know! The initial capital is also very light, just IDR 500 you can already have a gold investment at Shopee. There are so many benefits on offer, you know!

For those of you who want to invest in gold at Shopee, the method is also very easy, you know! Open the Shopee app, select Credit, Billing & Entertainment on the main page, click Gold, and select Buy. Determine the gold julan in rupiah or grams.

For new users, it is mandatory to register online to open a Gold Savings Account. After that, you can make payments until the transaction is successful. Gold savings balance will increase after Verified Payment.

You can melt gold in grams or bars into money at any time. The security of Gold Savings at Shopee is also guaranteed because it is supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Come on, invest in gold at Shopee right now!

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