Traveling to Merlion? Don’t Forget to Bring a Singapore Visa!

Passport alone is not enough to explore other countries, because you need a Singapore visa in hand for legal traveling to the Lion City. It has been written in a previous article that if you want to travel abroad, prepare an important document called a passport. In addition to your passport, you must also prepare another document called a visa to be able to enter the country you are going to. Visa is an official document when traveling abroad as proof of a person’s entry permit to a country within a certain period of time. For example, if your destination is Malaysia, you are also required to make a Malaysia Visa as a complementary document so that it is safe to travel to the destination country.

You can get this document at the embassy of your destination country, and for the original visa it usually has a stamp or sticker from the country you are going to visit. So, it is very necessary to read this review before you plan a vacation abroad. The more insight you have, the more you can help yourself in overcoming problems in the agenda of a solo vacation, for two or for a group. As explained, we will provide information about the types of visas that you can see in the review below:

What are the Types of Visa

In general, there are 4 types of visas, including service visas, diplomatic visas, visit visas, and limited stay visas. Visit visas can be divided into several types, but we will explain all of them in detail.

1. Relatives Permits

Singapore visa: Changi Airport
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Relatives permits or temporary visit visas to visit family are usually used for those of you who have relatives abroad. You are required to apply for a visa in advance with a maximum application deadline of 3 months or 90 days. In the conditions of manufacture there must be an invitation from the family or a statement that the family will be fully responsible for you during your stay in the destination country.

2. Tourist Visa

Singapore visa: Universal Studios Singapore
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This visa is used for temporary visits in the tourist agenda, and is probably the most requested for making. For those of you who want to vacation abroad, you must have this visa, armed with a Tourist Visa you can explore every country safely and comfortably. For example, if you are on vacation to the Lion Country, you will also need a Singapore visa so that the trip is more enjoyable without the burden. Of course, don’t forget to visit some interesting tourist destinations such as Madame Tussauds Singapore or Mega Adventure Park Singapore .

3. Business Visa

Singapore visa: Business
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As the name suggests, this visa is a temporary visit for business purposes, which is often used by business people to other countries. You will have the convenience of traveling between countries on a business trip with just this visa. Any business-related needs such as visiting exhibitions, business seminars to a cooperation agreement with a company are advised to apply for a Business Visa.

4. Work Visa

Singapore visa: Work
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In addition to a business visa, you will also find a type that is not much different, namely a work visa. The difference is from holders who are already allowed to become employees of certain companies in a country. This visa consists of two types, including temporary work and semi-permanent or permanent work. Depending on how long you have been employed, this visa can be converted into a residence permit on the grounds that the term of employment may take many years.

5. Visa Transit

Singapore visa: Changi Airport
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This visa is used if you want to transit in another country before reaching the destination country. It should be noted that this visa is only valid in the airport area (Airport Transit Visa) or can be used for all countries that you make a transit point (Transit Visa).

It’s easy if it’s only in the airport area, you can’t leave this place even for a moment. As for the transit visa, it usually takes a few hours, such as when transiting at Changi Airport you can visit Orchard Road or Garden by the Bay .

6. Study Permits

Singapore visa: Airport
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A study visa is definitely used for a study permit at a school or university in the destination country. Of all the types of visas, study permits are the easiest to obtain, but of course there is the main requirement that they are still students and students. There are some students from Indonesia who also use a Singapore visa to study during their study period.

7. Exchange Permits

Singapore visa: Changi Airport T3
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In addition to the study visa, there is also an exchange student visa for those who take part in inter-school or campus programs. This type of visa is only valid for a few months until the program is completed. The making itself is also quite easy and is usually assisted by the relevant agencies from the program organizers.

8. Visa on Arrival

Singapore visa: Singapore
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Visa on Arrival is another visa that is generally made long before departure, because this visa is made immediately when you enter the territory of a country. Either through the port, airport, or entering the border. Visa on Arrival can be obtained from both countries that have good cooperation or relations. For example, if you are on a backpacker trip to Singapore and want to continue your tour to Malaysia or Thailand, you need a permit with this visa.

9. Visa Diplomacy

Singapore visa: Cooperation
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Before explaining, you can already guess if this visa is intended for diplomats, for those who work for a certain period of time at an agency or only for temporary visits. Such as official visits or work visits are common examples of diplomatic visas.

10. Exit Visa

Singapore visa: Airplane
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Exit Visa is quite sensitive to be used by someone, unlike holiday permits in general, visa holders must leave their own country or other people’s countries. Holders are not allowed to go to other destinations other than those stated in the document, usually this visa is used for former detainees. The issuance of an Exit Visa is often accompanied by a ban on re-entry to the country that issued it.

11. Corporate Permits

Singapore visa: Airport
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Corporate permits or special international employee visas are issued if you have to work for an international agency. Many want to get this type of visa because it is definitely an advantage to have corporate permits. For example, if you are transferred to a major company in Singapore, you will automatically have to use a Singapore visa specifically for corporate permits.

12. Business Permits

Singapore visa: Traveling
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This visa at first glance may be similar to a Business Visa, the difference is that a special business visa has more meaning if you are going to stay long in a destination country. For example, you will build a company in Singapore, then the local government will process your Singapore visa from a temporary one to a permanent one.

How to Apply for a Visa

Singapore visa: Businesswoman
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After knowing the various types of passport accompanying documents, now is the time for you to learn how to make a visa to be able to travel to Singapore . The following is an overview of the documents that you must have as a condition for applying for a visa.

  • Passport

Passport is the main requirement for you to make it possible, bring a passport that is still valid far from expired. When approaching the minimum validity time of the passport it will be better for you to do the renewal first.

  • Online form

Passport in hand? Then you have to do the second step, namely filling out the registration form. Almost all embassies provide this form which you can download online at the website of their respective embassies. Try to fill in the data completely and correctly so that the visa application process can be served immediately.

  • Proof of visa payment

The manufacturing process is certainly not free, you have to pay some money to the embassy account. This fee is considered as an administrative fee according to the type of visa you need. Don’t forget to save proof of payment as a condition for following the stages of the visa process.

  • Not foto

Done with administrative matters, you can prepare documents in the form of passport photos. The passport photo must be clear and not tilted, women are also allowed to use the hijab but must show their facial expressions clearly.

  • Financial proof

Another important requirement is proof of ownership of the Fund in the bank. This document is only to ensure that you really have enough living expenses while traveling. Financial evidence can be from a payslip or a photocopy of a personal savings book.

  • Certificate of employment or school/college

The last thing you have to prepare is a certificate. For those of you who are employees, you must have a certificate from the company that employs you abroad. As for student status, students can include a certificate from the school or university in the destination country. This document will make it easier for you in the visa application process.

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