Tips for Vacationing to Universal Studios Singapore

Vacationing to the playground is indeed a fun agenda. One of the playgrounds that is quite famous and close to Indonesia is Universal Studio Singapore. However, there are some tips that you can follow when you want to take a vacation to Universal Studios Singapore. Here are some tips that will be shared by Traveloka .

Use MRT and monorail.

MRT is not the only transportation to Universal Studio Singapore but it will be much easier to use MRT to get there.

To get to Universal Studio Singapore, you can use the MRT. Purchase a ticket at the GTM machine on the green line to Dhoby Ghaut station. After arriving continue towards the Harbor Front. After that, you just go to Vivo City. When entering the mall complex, you can choose one of the vehicles that are ready to take you to Universal Studio Singapore.

After arriving at Vivo City, you can use the monorail to the USS but if you want to walk, you can do it for free!

One vehicle that you can use is the monorail. This one vehicle is the most widely used. Because, it is the fastest and easiest. Its operating hours are from 7 am to 12 pm.

Wear comfortable shoes and clothes.

Not only going to Universal Studio Singapore, all tourist attractions must wear comfortable clothes and shoes. What’s more, this one area is very wide so it will get hot very easily. Make sure to wear clothes that are cool and can absorb sweat.

As for footwear or shoes use the most comfortable for walking. Avoid using high heels or heels. Even better, you use sneakers or sneakers.

This casual style is indeed the most suitable for traveling on the USS.

Don’t forget to bring a change of clothes. The reason, there are several rides that make you exposed to water, call it Jurassic Park. Just bring a change of clothes that are not complicated and comfortable. Don’t forget to also bring spare underwear if needed.

Bring a bottle of drinking water.

Universal Studio Singapore has a fairly large area. Not to mention, adrenaline-fueling rides that will make you scream until you run out of voice. Maybe it would be very if occasionally buy a drink in this area. Not to mention, the price is also quite expensive.

This is one of the cheap traveling tips in Singapore.

Therefore, you can bring your own drinking water bottle. The reason is that Universal Studio Singapore itself has provided several free drink spots. So when thirsty, you can immediately fill your own drink in the available place.

Find out the show schedule.

Not only rides, Universal Studio Singapore is also filled with various attractions and stunning shows. However, the show is only available at certain hours. Of course, for those of you who don’t want to miss the show, find out the schedule in advance. What’s more, the show features your favorite characters in Universal Studios.

Don’t forget sun block and glasses.

Singapore and Indonesia have the same weather, which is sometimes hot and rainy. Therefore, you should also need extra protection for the skin. When visiting Universal Studio Singapore, don’t forget to use sun block. Because this area is also an open area. Don’t forget the sunglasses. Not only to protect from glare, but to make your photos look cooler later.

Sunblock, hats and sunglasses not only protect yourself from the sun, but make you look more stylish in front of the camera.

Don’t overspend.

Universal Studio Singapore does have a lot of accessories and snacks that will make your pocket hungry. However, the price is also quite reducing the pocket. If you really want to shop for souvenirs, choose wisely. Just look for some items that do sell at one price. However, you can find thematic accessories on each ride.

Cute snacks like this sometimes make shopping at USS.

Avoid visiting on weekends.

As with other places, Universal Studio Singapore will also be very crowded on weekends. This is done so that you are satisfied playing all the rides. If it’s the weekend, it’s better to buy an Express Pass ticket at Traveloka. This ticket will save you from having to queue again to enter the rides.

On the weekends the line can be even longer.

If you have regular tickets and come on weekends, be prepared for a long line. Even for the Transformer and Mummy rides, it takes at least 1 hour to queue on the weekend. So prepare physically and mentally when it comes to the weekend.

This is what the USS looks like from the cable car. Cool, right?

Those are some tips that you can do before visiting Universal Studio Singapore.

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