The Complete Guide To Travel To Singapore

travel to Singapore: Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum
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Why do many Indonesians choose a vacation by traveling to Singapore ? The answer is obvious, because this country is safe, orderly and modern. Although the country with the symbol of the lion’s head is smaller than New York, make no mistake its economic and technological progress is able to outperform the big countries in Asia.

Maybe for a traveler with money, a vacation to the Merlion Country is like a hobby, but what about those of you who have a limited budget? Don’t be pessimistic, you can also enjoy an exciting trip in Singapore by following our budget vacation guide. No need to wait any longer, check out some fun ways to vacation in Singapore starting from accommodation, itinerary and other economical tips below:

1. Singapore Tourist Accommodation

The first thing that must be prepared is of course accommodation, there are several things that you must plan carefully including:

  • Extend Passport Active Period
travel to Singapore: Passport
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If you go abroad, make sure the validity period of your passport is not less than 6 months, don’t let this interfere with your departure schedule. As a general example, if you plan to go to Singapore on June 15 2019, then at least the expiration date of your passport is December 30, 2019. In this modern era, it is more practical to take care of your passport online, so there is no need to queue at the Immigration Office .

  • Hunting for Cheap Airline Tickets
travel to Singapore: Airplane
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After the passport business is complete, you can start preparing for your trip to Singapore by hunting for Low Cost Carrier (LCC) airline tickets. Tigerair, Jetstar and AirAsia are some of the airlines that often provide special offers. Especially if together with a certain calendar you can get a backpacker price flight ticket.

  • Choose Friendly Price Accommodation
road trip to Singapore: 5footway.inn Project Boat Quay
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This third accommodation should also not be forgotten, as it is known that the cost of living in the Lion Country is quite high. To reduce expenses, you have to be smart in finding cheap lodging located in the middle of the city. It would be better if you book lodging within a period of 1 month before departure, because usually the prices offered are much cheaper. In addition to hotels in Singapore you can stay in hostels which have an average price of around 150,000 IDR per night.

2. Determine the Singapore Travel Itinerary

The second frugal guide that you have to do is to make an itinerary during your vacation in Singapore. We will share a simple description of a trip to Merlion City for 3 days.

  • Day 1 (Arrival)
road trip to Singapore: Changi Airport
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Starting from Changi International Airport, you can go to the hotel that has been booked well in advance. Choose the cheapest transportation such as MRT (Mass Rapid Transportation) which may take about 30 minutes to reach your destination. After arriving at the destination station you can walk to get to where you are staying. Take advantage of the first day to rest or tidy up your luggage during your stay in Singapore.

  • Day 2 (Exploring Sentosa Island, Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay)
travel to Singapore: Sentosa
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On the second day in Singapore, choose a series of trips to explore the world of dreams such as Sentosa Island. There are many interesting rides and attractions that are suitable as fun entertainment with family or friends. Visit the Fantasy World of Singapore known as Universal Studio Singapore. After traveling for 30 minutes using the MRT then enjoy a variety of excitement in a fairy tale. This place is perfect for planning your first trip to Singapore , taking pictures with the globe or trying to ride the challenging USS attractions.

Satisfied with your tour, you can continue your journey to Marina Bay Sands, one of Singapore’s iconic landmarks. Take some memorable photos against the backdrop of the city’s luxury symbols or enjoy relaxing activities at the Marina Bay Sands infinity pool .

The next destination is Gardens by the Bay, this tourist spot is the most complete and largest flower garden in Asia. You can visit Gardens by the Bay at night, where tourists will be spoiled by the sparkling lights of the beautiful Supertree Grove.

  • Day 3 (Singapore city corner from Merlion Park to Sultan Mosque)
travel to Singapore: Sultan Mosque
Photo by @mariann_yip

The last day in Singapore can be used with a more hectic schedule, first you have to get up early to pack your things before checking out. But before rushing home you must visit Merlion Park. You could say the road to Singapore has not been completed without stopping by the Merlion Statue. This place is easy to find, from Raffles Place Station you can just walk for 10 minutes. There are many interesting things that you can see besides taking pictures with the lion statue, namely the magnificent view of the Esplanade, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore ArtScience Museum and the Singapore Flyer .

You can use the last destination to visit the Sultan Mosque, the most beautiful place of worship for Muslims in Singapore. This mosque is also visited by many non-Muslim tourists who want to see the history and splendor of the building. Not far from the Sultan Mosque you can find a row of middle eastern-style culinary that is suitable as a lunch menu. If you still have free time, you can stop by shopping centers such as Mustafa Center to buy some interesting souvenirs. Have a walk? Have you eaten and shopped? Then it’s time to check-out from the inn and head to Changi Airport to return to Indonesia.

3. Tips for Saving Holidays in Singapore

  • Use MRT as Main Transportation
travel to Singapore: MRT
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Why MRT? Because the majority of local residents use the MRT as a means of transportation for Singapore . It would be better to use the MRT card as an electronic payment tool. With the MRT card, you can easily go anywhere without having to pay extra. It will be more economical to choose the type of multi-trip card that can be used for MRT and public buses.

By paying around SGD 12, you will get a balance of SGD 7. To top up yourself you can top up a minimum balance of SGD 10, this electronic money can also be exchanged for cash if it is still left and you will return to your country of origin.

  • Buy Local SIM Card
travel to Singapore: Singtel
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Communication is the second most important thing that you must prepare to be able to enjoy traveling to Singapore on a budget. You can choose several local Singapore SIM cards  but the most commonly used is the Singtel provider. This card can be purchased at mini market stores, but make sure you bring your passport as data verification when you want to use it. By paying the price of SGD 15, you can use a balance of SGD 18 which is more than enough for a data package for one week.

  • Visit a restaurant with a halal menu
road trip to Singapore: Summerlong
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Singapore has a population of various ethnicities, so it is only natural that the food is varied, such as processed pork. For those of you Muslims can choose some halal food in typical Malay or Indian restaurants such as briyani and fried rice.

Even here you can still find places to eat with Indonesian specialties which are definitely cheaper. In addition to a big meal, you will also be spoiled with delicious cheap snacks. Call it roti prata from India which is served with a savory curry sauce, each portion is only pegged at the price of SGD.

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