The 11 Most Visited Tourist Attractions in Singapore

Tourist attractions in Singapore are one of the most visited tourist attractions for Indonesian citizens who want to visit abroad. Cheap flight ticket prices and Visa-free facilities greatly facilitate a visit to the neighboring country.

Tourist Attractions in Singapore

Here are some tourist attractions in Singapore that we recommend to visit when visiting Singapore.

  1. Universal Studio

Universal Studio Singapore is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore
Universal Studio Singapura. Image via:

The largest theme park in Singapore, Universal Studios Sentosa Singapore, does offer entertainment for families. With designs and rides that are certainly interesting for children to adults, it’s no wonder it is always a favorite tourist spot in Singapore when we travel to Singapore.

The rides at Universal Studio Singapore are divided into zones. For example the far away zone, or the Sci-fi zone. and others. Apart from rides at Universal Studio Singapore, it also features street entertainment and meet & great. everything is zoned.

Opening hours This tourist spot in Singapore is always the same every day, at 10.00 AM (morning) never sooner or later. Closing hours at 7 pm (low season) at 9 pm (Peak Season). the announcement of closing hours is at the entrance gate.

Universal Studios ticket prices on weekends, public holidays, and holiday seasons are in the range of around IDR 750,000 for adults and around IDR 500,000 for children.

  1. Orchard Road

orchad road is a shopping center that is a target for shopping lovers
Orchard Road. Image via:

Orchard Road or Orchard Road is the name of a street in Singapore which is very well known as a tourist spot in Singapore, a shopping paradise. Besides being filled with shopping centers, Orchard Road is also filled with restaurants, spas, and others.

Another reason why Orchard Road is one of the places visited by tourists in Singapore is that it is also a fun place to hang out. Sitting on orchard road enjoying the atmosphere of the surrounding mall is something that can be done even in the middle of the day because this area is very shady, filled with big trees so it won’t be too hot.

Orchard road can also be a place for you to take fun photos because there are several unique locations to take pictures or just take pictures with the backdrop of magnificent malls.

Tourist attractions in Singapore Orchard Road are open 24 hours a day to visit. There is no ticket fee to visit Orchard Road.

  1. Merlion Park

The Lion Marlion Statue is the most iconic tourist spot in Singapore
Marlion Park. Image via:

Designed as a symbol of Singapore in 1964. The Merlion statue is in the shape of a lion’s head with the body of a fish above the crest of the waves. The world-famous Singapore icon was designed by Mr. Fraser Brunner, member of the gift committee and curator at the Van Kleef Aquarium.

What’s exciting about seeing tourist attractions in Singapore at Merlion Park Singapore is that here visitors can see the spectacular view of the Singapore city landscape. Visitors can see the Marina Bay Sands building, Esplanade, Singapore Flyer, and many more

The Merlion’s lion head represents the lion seen by Prince Sang Nila Utama, when he rediscovered Singapore in 11 AD,. as stated in the Malay History. The fish tail of the Singapore Merlion statue symbolizes the ancient city of Temasek

Park Tourist attractions in Singapore Merlion Park is open 24 hours a day and is free of charge for anyone who wants to visit.

  1. Singapore River

River Cruise one of the most practical way to explore tourist attractions in compapura
Singapore River . Image via:

Singapore River is a river in Singapore that flows from the middle of Singapore to the ocean. This river is very popular with tourists and is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Singapore.

An interesting activity on the Singapore River is the Singapore River Cruise. An electric-powered boat with a capacity of 40 people will take visitors down the Singapore River. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of Singapore in a different way. On the bumboat, visitors can see historical buildings with magnificent architecture.

An audio guide is also provided that will help you get to know various tourist attractions in Singapore. Also the development of Singapore, from a fishing village to a modern metropolis. Not only that, visitors will also get an explanation of every landmark that is passed, such as Merlion Park, Cavenagh Bridge, Marina Bay Sands, and many more.

The Singapore River Cruise is open daily from 09:00 am to 10:00 pm and departs every 20 or 25 minutes. The ticket price along the Singapore River is around 250,000 Rupiah.

  1. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is an iconic magnificent building which is the center of tourist destinations in Singapore.
Marina Bay Sands. Image via:

Marina Bay Sands is Singapore’s newest icon and tourist attraction. Almost all visitors who come to Singapore take pictures with the Marina Bay Sands as the background. Marina Bay Sands is an integrated entertainment center and resort that opened in 2010.

The visual appearance of the Marina Bay Sands building is very unique and second to none in the world with 3 main buildings connected by a ship-shaped building on top. Marina Bay Sands has thousands of hotel rooms, casinos, theaters, art halls, restaurants, nightclubs, parks, to luxury malls and more, all in one location.

In this tourist spot in Singapore, in a boat-shaped area on top of the building, there is a swimming pool which is the longest swimming pool in the world with a length of about 150 meters, and is located at an altitude of 200 meters. At this altitude, visitors can see Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

If you want to climb on top of Marina Bay Sands, you have to pay around Rp 250,000.

  1. Singapore Flayer

The Singapore Flyer, one of the largest Ferris wheel in the world, is a popular tourist spot in Singapore and a must visit
Singapore Flyer. Image via:

The Singapore Flyer was created in 2008, is one of the largest Ferris wheel in the World. Singapore Flyer

Tourist attractions in Singapore this one is a giant Ferris wheel. The height of the Ferris wheel in Singapore is equivalent to 42 floors. The diameter of the Ferris wheel is 150 meters, with a total height of 165 meters. Occupies an area of ​​33,700 square meters.

In this Singapore Ferris wheel there are 28 capsules that can carry 28 people per capsule. In reality it usually only transports 10 people per capsule. This Ferris wheel rotates counterclockwise. 1 round takes 30 minutes.

From the top of the Singapore Flyer, visitors can see the scenery up to 45 km from end to end, even to the island of Batam.

Opening Hours Tourist attractions in Singapore Ferris wheel Singapore Flyer 8.30 Morning closes at 10.00 pm. The Ferris wheel operates every day, except for bad weather. Singapore Flyer Ticket Prices for Adults 33 SGD, and for Children 21 SGD.

  1. Gardens By The Bay

Gardens by The Bay. Image via:

Gardens by The Bay is a unique garden located around Marina Bay. Like a garden, the tourist attractions at Singapore Gardens by The Bay have lots of trees and greenery. What makes it unique is the presence of several giant artificial trees.

These artificial trees are made of steel and serve to collect rainwater and also store solar energy. At night, the lights mounted on this artificial tree as tall as a 16-story building will light up, making it very beautiful.

Outdoor Gardens Open 5:00 am – 2:00 am daily can be visited for free. Tourist attractions in Singapore Cloud Forest & Flower Dome, open from 09:00 am – 21:00 pm every day. last admission is 8:00pm daily. Flower Dome Ticket for Adults 28 SGD, and Children 15 SGD

  1. Arab Street

ARAB-STREET-singapore is a tourist spot in Singapore that serves Middle Eastern products and also halal food
Arab Street. Image via:

Arab street is located near Bugis street. This tourist spot in Singapore is a tourist area as well as a center for selling Muslim equipment. Along Arab Street, we will find rows of shop houses with bright colors that sell various religious items such as: Koran, skullcap to Muslim clothing. There are also those that offer a variety of beautiful handicrafts and souvenirs.

This area is also famous as a shopping center for textile and perfume products. So usually, many tourists deliberately travel here to hunt for various types of fabrics and fashion.

In this tourist spot in Singapore, in addition to shops, visitors can also find a number of art galleries and restaurants that offer a variety of Malay and Middle Eastern specialties. If you are tired of sightseeing and shopping, visitors can take a short break to a small cafe that sells teh Tarik and Martabak.

The Arab Street area is also identical to the Sultan Mosque. This is the oldest and largest mosque in Singapore. The Sultan Mosque has been standing since 1826 and is known for its large and beautiful golden dome.

  1. Little India

Little India is a tourist area in Singapore which is the center of settlement and activity for people of Indian descent
Little India. Image via:

This tourist area in Singapore is where people of Indian descent live in Singapore. This place has a lot that we can stop by. Ranging from delicious eateries, shops for knick-knacks, fabrics, perfumes, and spices, to its spiritual temples.

Here is a culinary paradise where there are lots of good Indian food, drinks and snacks. The price is very economical. Here, visitors can eat Nasi Briyani at any outlet in the Tekka Center. It’s only S$4-7, and there’s no doubt about the taste.

The materials used are original from India. The chef is also an Indian who has inherited the recipes from generation to generation. Usually Nasi Briyani here is served on a banana leaf. There is also an aluminum plate. Briyani rice is served with a thick curry sauce with delicious spices.

Visitors from Indonesia love to shop here because it is very complete. The price of products in tourist attractions in Singapore tends to be cheap. Indonesian visitors usually buy: Chocolate, Souvenirs, Suitcases, Watches, and Perfume.

Little India is open 24 hours. Never closed all year round. There is no entry ticket to enter the visitor area.

  1. Singapore Zoo

singapore zoo, although the singapore forest is not wide, but this zoo is a tourist spot in singapore that displays a forest atmosphere
Singapore Zoo. Image via:

The Singapore Zoo is a zoo covering approximately 30 hectares in Singapore. In this tourist spot in Singapore, there are various kinds of animals that are kept here. From animals that are easily found in Asia, Africa, to polar animals are here.

Inside this zoo, dense tropical trees are also planted so that when visitors enter, it is like entering a forest. Besides being clean, this zoo is also neatly arranged. visitors will not get bored walking around in this place.

In addition to the animals that are kept here, what’s interesting about tourist attractions in Singapore is shows or shows which are held at certain hours every day. This show is a kind of theatrical art performance that shows the ability of animals and humans in performing attractions.

Singapore Zoo opening hours: 08.30 – 18.00. Singapore Zoo Entrance Ticket Price, for Adults 38 SGD and for Children 25 SGD.

  1. Esplanade

Esplanade is a tourist spot in Singapore which is one of the busiest art theaters in the world
Esplanade. Image via:

The Esplanade theaters are also known as the “durian building” because of the thorny roof that resembles the skin of a durian. Artistic building This tourist spot in Singapore is a show house for various kinds of performances.

Located on the main road Waterfront land. Inside the Esplanade consists of several performance spaces: Concert Hall which has about 1600 seats with world-class acoustics for various musical performances. Also has a Theater with a capacity of about 2000.

The Esplanade also has many other facilities such as an outdoor eater, a library, a painting exhibition room, to a food court and others.

The Esplanade also tours around the public areas and venues. The duration for each tour is 45 minutes where guests can discover the special features and secrets stored in it.

This tourist spot in Singapore can be visited by visitors from 06.00 am to 03.00 am. But visitors can be inside for 24 hours.

Entering this place is free of charge, unless there is a concert that requires buying a ticket.

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