Space Hotel Will Open In 2027, How Much Will It Cost?

OAC announced that Voyager Class, a space hotel ride designated as a hotel, is planned to open in 2027.

Tired of the views of mountains, rice fields, or the earth’s countryside while staying at a hotel? Maybe you will be interested in staying in space. The Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC) announced that the Voyager Class, a space hotel vehicle designated as a hotel, is planned to open in 2027. The construction process for the Voyager Class will begin in 2025 with a capacity of 400 guests.

The general structure of the Voyager Class is two concentric rings which are connected internally by a special docking hub. The outer ring is where the habitable modules, solar panels, radiators and systems mount. Some will be leased to NASA for space research and training needs. While the rest is used as accommodation for tourists and hotel facilities.

Overall, Voyager Class has a residential area of ​​11,600 square meters with 1/6 the gravity of the earth. There is a tubular hallway that connects guests and carries air and water. Elevator serves to move guests from the residential module to the docking hub, the point of arrival of guests from the earth. Anticipating an emergency, 44 ERVs are available ready to deliver to earth.


Space Hotel Facilities

The hotel is equipped with a variety of luxurious facilities, from a bar, restaurant, to a bedside gym. The entire area is simulated by artificial gravity by rotating the hotel rides. The further away from the docking hub in the middle, the greater the effect of gravity. The magnitude of gravity can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the rotational rate of the rings in the structure.


Up to now, the OAC has not advertised the rates that are set to stay in the Voyager Class in outer space. However, it is clear that the price will be very expensive. Virgin Galactic for example, he launched passengers into sub-orbital space at a price of USD 250,000 or equivalent to Rp. 3.5 billion. However, Voyager Class hopes that staying at this hotel is equivalent to a Disneyland trip.

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