List 10 Halal Singapore Culinary Places

Do you know? If there are many halal Singapore culinary delights that always spoil West Asian tourists, especially those Muslims from Indonesia. The Lion Country is not only inhabited by people of Chinese descent, Malays, Arabs and Indians can also be found in every corner of the city. It’s no wonder that Singaporean food is also diverse because it is influenced by dishes from the Middle East to ethnic Malays.

For those of you who want to travel to Singapore at the beginning of the year, especially in conjunction with the month of Ramadan, you don’t need to worry about food. Every time can be a special moment for you because you can enjoy halal food in this developed country. As a supporter of your vacation trip while in Singapore, we will provide a list of places to eat that are recommended by both local and international tourists.

In addition to serving delicious and halal dishes, you can also visit this choice of dining places 24 hours a day. How? Curious to know what? Let’s look at light reviews about foods that are safe for consumption by Muslims.

1. Find Persian Cuisine at Shiraz

kuliner Singapore: Shiraz Restaurant
Photo by @shirazsingapore

Enjoying adventure is not just trekking or hiking, culinary can also make you feel new experiences, one of which is in Shiraz. This place to eat will give you a new taste of Persian food, which is only around Claker Quay. If you take the Singapore River Cruise by WaterB , you can easily find this Middle Eastern restaurant.

Shiraz is classified as special because in addition to providing a unique food menu, here there are also entertaining attractions that make culinary tourism more interesting. Some of the Persian specialties that you must try are Kebab and Kubideh, which are suitable to be enjoyed with family and loved ones.

2. Try Singapore’s Hot Soup at Seng Kee Herbal Soup

kuliner Singapore: Seng Kee Black Chicken Herbal Soup
Photo by @chocolatetbasil

Changi Airport is not just any place to stop for a moment before you take off, in this place you can find various anti-boring travel needs. Try one of the unique agendas, namely visiting Seng Ke Herbal Soup, the location is right at 455/477 Changi Road. The mainstay of Singapore’s cuisine is a dish of flour, noodles combined with a strong sauce with rich spices.

3. Fun Hangout Accompanied by Delicious Food From Spize

culinary Singapore: Spize Temasek Club
Photo by @spizesingapore

Maybe this place is more suitable to be ordered as a vacation agenda with your friends, why? Because Spize is one of the best hangout locations in Singapore . Spize provides a fun hangout place for tourists for 24 hours, interesting isn’t it?

So, for those of you who want to enjoy quality time with your partner or friends, you can go directly to the address 336 Bedok Road. A comfortable atmosphere accompanied by a delicious and halal food menu is the best for young Muslims. You can stay cool without having to enter the glittering western-style nightlife of Singapore.

4. Enjoy Western Menus at Badoque Café

Singapore cuisine: Badoque Cafe
Photo by @badoquecafe

Who says western dishes can only be enjoyed by non-Muslims? At Badoque Cafe you can freely choose halal Singapore culinary variants with western flavors. This eatery provides a wide selection of western specialties such as burgers, pasta, steaks, ribs and salads.

There are still many menus that will make your saliva dripping, there is even a special Ramadan edition menu available for customers every year. You can come to this cafe at any time, but remember you have to try the “Chili Chukka, a special dish from Baby Octopus which is prepared in chili oil and garlic.

5. Taste Village Cuisine at Hajah Maimunah Restaurant

Singapore culinary: Hajah Maimunah Restaurant
Photo by @whatoeatagain

Hajah Maimunah Restaurant is the most popular place to eat that serves a variety of tantalizing village dishes. All dishes prepared by this restaurant are guaranteed to suit the taste buds of Southeast Asian tourists.

You can find menus that are familiar to Indonesians, such as Javanese fried chili sauce, vegetable fat lodeh, kampung fried rice and Malay fried mee. Several types of food are provided that you can choose from in Mini Buffet, Bento Box, and Ala Carte which are ready to fill your stomach.

6. Shadows, the Paradise of Indonesian Food

Singapore culinary: Shadow Balinese Cuisine
Photo by @kavberry

Indonesian cuisine is included in the list of types of Malay food, it is not surprising that there are many Singaporean cuisines with Indonesian flavors. Bayang, one of the halal places to eat that you shouldn’t miss, is located not far from Ivory Kitchen and Shiraz.

Maybe most of the tourists find it difficult to adapt to foreign food, stay calm because you can visit Bayang. This place is famous for its Indonesian specialties such as rendang, oxtail soup, satay and many more that you can enjoy.

7. Hunt for Thai Food at Nana Thai Restaurant

kuliner Singapore: Nana Thai Restaurant
Photo by @seannomnomnom

Even though the majority of the population in Merlion is non-Muslim, when it comes to halal food, you don’t have to worry. This country has several halal places to eat even from other countries such as Thailand. Nana Thai Restaurant is a special place to eat that provides a variety of dishes typical of the White Elephant Country using halal ingredients.

Pay a visit to Nana Thai Restaurant when you get bored with Malay or western dishes, and do not forget to sample the menu mainstays such as tom yam goong and pinrapellpe fried rice. Confused to find this restaurant? You simply go to Far East Plaza Shopping Mall located in the Orchard Road area .

8. Tong Fong Fatt Chicken Rice, Amazing Taste Combination Of Chicken And Rice

kuliner Singapore: Tong Fong Fatt Hainanese
Photo by

Judging from the name, you must have known that this restaurant provides typical Singapore food made from rice and chicken. Chicken Rice is a Singaporean dish that you must taste, because once you try it, you will immediately fall in love. The fluffy texture of Hainanese rice combined with savory chicken can give you an unforgettable dining experience.

This food menu actually comes from China but is often associated with Singaporean and Malaysian specialties . Don’t wait any longer! Enjoy delicious warm chicken rice from Tong Fong Fatt Chicken Rice, which is located at Bedok Food Center I.

9. Ivory Kitchen A Sweet Romantic Dinner Place

kuliner Singapore: Ivory Kitchen
(Sumber: HungryGoWhere)

Ivory Kitchen gives you a sweet experience of dining with a partner in a modern and romantic atmosphere. This place is quite well known by couples who are on their honeymoon in Singapore. Invite your partner to enjoy delicious contemporary Indian cuisine from North India to South India which is thick with spices. Only at Ivory Kitchen you can taste new foods with different flavors from Singapore cuisine in general.

10. Feel the Savory Taste of Nasi Lemak

kuliner Singapore: Adam Road Hawker Ctr
Photo by @shentyfeliziana

Your culinary tour is not perfect without trying this typical Singapore cuisine. Nasi lemak is a food from the Malays that is usually served as a breakfast menu in Singapore and other neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Brunei.

Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak is one of the best places to eat nasi lemak in the city. The location of the restaurant itself is at the Adam Food Center which is quite easy to find, but if you are confused you can ask local residents or via GPS.

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