Know 5 Ways to Universal Studios Singapore

Before having fun exploring Southeast Asia’s first dream world, it’s a good idea to know the 5 ways to Universal Studio Singapore . Is a vacation to Universal Studio Singapore your dream? If yes then your choice is not wrong, why? Because USS is the most popular tourist attraction which is the main destination for tourists besides Merlion Park . As is known, this family recreation park opened in 2010 and has 7 themed zones that are not far from Hollywood hits.

USS itself is included in the tourism scope of Resorts World Sentosa, which occupies an area of ​​20 hectares and is the second theme park in Asia after the Land of Sakura. There are many things you can do at  Universal Studios Singapore , from playing fun rides to thrilling rides. Just stopping by this playground is also not a problem, you can take some selfies with the background of a giant globe, the symbol of Universal Studios.

Universal Studios Singapore Ticket Prices

cara ke Universal Studio Singapore: Minion red packets
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Universal Studio Singapore can be called an elite tourist attraction, just like goods if you dare to pay high then you will get good quality. Yep,  the Universal Studio Singapore entrance ticket  costs around SGD79 for adults and SGD59 for children. Although  Universal Studio Singapore ticket prices are  quite expensive, this place is never empty of visitors. Money may be sought but memorable memories and pampering the family is something that is very valuable.

Universal Studio Singapore Opening Hours

how to get to Universal Studios Singapore: Universal Studios Singapore Gateway
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Like other recreational parks,  Universal Studio Singapore’s opening hours are  from 10.00 to 19.00, valid from Sunday to Thursday. Meanwhile, on Fridays and Saturdays, the playground opens at 10:00 and closes at 22:00.

How to get to Universal Studios Singapore

How? Can’t wait to visit Universal Studios? Don’t worry, we’ll give you some effective ways to get to the USS. Either via  the Singapore MRT route  or the bus, both can be the best solution as a  way to Universal Studio Singapore . But what will be discussed this time is not just one step but 5 ways to get to Universal Studio Singapore, including:

1. Take the fastest Singapore MRT train

how to get to Universal Studios Singapore: MRT Singapore
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The first way to Universal Studio Singapore  is to use the  Singapore MRT . If you know about  the Singapore MRT line,  of course you won’t have to worry about finding the fastest and easiest transportation. Many tourists take the MRT from Changi Airport and head straight to the MRT station located in the airport’s underground. You can buy tickets at the GTM machine, don’t forget to choose the green line MRT to Dhoby Ghaut. From Dhoby Ghaut you can continue the journey on the purple line to Harbor Front station. Arriving at Harbor Front station, exit Vivo City and choose several alternative vehicles to go to USS.

2. Cheaper with Sentosa Boardwalk

how to get to Universal Studios Singapore: Sentosa Boardwalk
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Sentosa Boardwalk is predicted to be the  way to Universal Studios Singapore  is the cheapest, because you only need to pay S $ 1. Sentosa Broadwalk is a wooden walkway with a length of about 1.5 kilometers across the sea. You can personally enjoy the sensation of walking on the sea and be pampered with views of the water traffic from the ferries that pass through the harbor. Sentosa Broadwalk itself also provides a travellator, so you no longer need to worry if you feel tired.

3. Travel more relaxed by bus

How to get to Universal Studios Singapore: Singapore Bus
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Buses can be a way to Universal Studios Singapore  number three to choose from. Just walk to Vivo City and head to the exit, at Harbor Front to find the bus stop that says “Bus to Resort World Sentosa”. You just have to wait for a few minutes for the bus to arrive, but you have to stand in line to get on the RWS8 bus. Buses in Singapore are very helpful on your journey to the USS, as they run from 6am to 11:30pm and cost around S$2 each way.

4. Best option by Monorail ride

how to get to Universal Studios Singapore: Monorail
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If  the Singapore MRT ticket price  is quite expensive, you can switch to using the Monorail transportation service. Because the Sentosa Express Sky Train ticket price is only around S$4, with another advantage it has operating hours from 07.00 to 24.00. Driving by Sky Train is highly recommended besides being easier, this cloud train is also quite fast.

5. Enjoy the fun of traveling with the Cable Car

How to get to Universal Studios Singapore: Singapore Cable Car
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Taking the MRT or LRT might be a bit of a hassle because you have to be able to read the  Singapore Metro Map . But there’s no need to be confused because you can use the most practical transportation, namely the Singapore Cable Car . Indeed, on a budget, cable car tickets are quite expensive at around S$29. But you will not be disappointed, because the cable car has its own advantages. Admire the beautiful sights of Singapore that you can see from a bird’s eye view on the cable car. Children under 3 years old are exempt from ticket fees, in contrast to those aged 3 to 18 years who have to pay around S$18.

Tips for Fun at Universal Studio Singapore

how to get to Universal Studio Singapore: Vacation at Universal Studio Singapore
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In addition to preparing for a  vacation to Singapore,  especially USS, we have also prepared some tips that may be useful for you, including:

  • The first tip is to enjoy  tourism in Singapore, you  don’t have to use the monorail, especially to get to Sentosa Island. You can use public facilities such as a 500 meter long pedestrian bridge which is also provided by a travelator.
  • Food is very important for those of you who want  to travel to Singapore  or USS, therefore you can bring food from outside and store it in your personal bag. Don’t worry, there will be no bag check when you enter the gate. These tips are very helpful for tourists who want to save because USS itself offers quite expensive food and drink prices.
  • Don’t forget to bring a water bottle, because your energy will definitely be drained to get around USS. There is also a fountain for refilling drinking water which is usually installed around the toilets and rides.
  • Avoid coming during summer holidays or long weekends, because the queues can be twice as long. Even to enjoy the Transformer the ride, you can spend a minimum of 1 hour waiting.
  • It’s better to visit USS on weekdays, especially Tuesday through Thursday. The number of visitors on that day was relatively small, even if you come to USS at 11.00 you can be satisfied to enjoy all the games not until 17.00.
  • Take the time to buy a raincoat before entering the USS, because there are some rides that use water so they can get your clothes wet. Either at 7Eleven or supermarkets that sell raincoats at lower prices.
  • Use lockers as needed, USS provides free and paid bag storage. Like at Mummy, you will get a free locker service in the first 30-45 minutes, after which a fee will be charged to extend the rental period.
  • Choose the Single Rider line if you don’t want to queue for rides too long, like in Transformer and Mummy. This path is for those of you who play alone, no need to wait long, only need to queue for about 5-10 minutes.

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