Gold Investment: A Long-Term Wealth Instrument For Millennials

Gold or precious metals are one of the favorite instruments in terms of long-term investment. Gold investment is also very popular with various generations. As a young generation or familiarly called Millennials, it is necessary to think about long-term investment planning. Instead of monthly money or income just running out for hanging out, cinema tickets, sightseeing, and other consumptive things. If this consumptive attitude continues to be maintained without financial planning, it is not impossible that it will have a bad impact on the future. So, how should gold investment for young people be done?

What is gold investment?

Before you start, it’s a good idea to have an understanding of what gold investing is. This investment activity can be regarded as a business activity with precious metals. Gold is known as a symbol of wealth. With this investment, the value of your money will not be eroded by inflation. Not infrequently, this investment activity gives interest in future profits that are higher than ordinary bank interest. Provided you have kept it long enough.

Define gold investment goals
Gold investment

In investing or saving, of course you can’t expect instant profits. So that you don’t always ask questions or worry about profits, it’s a good idea to determine your investment goals. For example, in 2 years, what would you like to achieve or have? Buying a new vehicle? Or can want to do a property DP? Investment objectives are very important, so you know what you are going to do with your assets.

Start investing in installments
Gold investment

No need to wait to earn tens of millions for gold investment. With a capital of hundreds of thousands of rupiah, you can already save gold. You don’t have to buy gold bars in bulk. You can start buying gold in installments. Set aside monthly money or income to buy 1-2 grams of gold every month.

Regularly monitor gold prices

Like other investment instruments, the price of gold is also volatile. However, in contrast to stocks, it can be said that the movement is aggressive. Gold prices can be said to be more stable and the trend is always up in the long term. If you have started investing in gold, it is better to monitor the price regularly. That way you know when is the right moment to buy or sell gold in order to get maximum profit.

Be careful choosing where to buy gold

You can choose to invest by buying directly at Antam’s Gold Boutique, your subscription gold shop, gold savings at Pegadaian, or online . The desire to invest in gold will come true if you buy it in the right place. Make sure you are careful in choosing a gold investment place. Make sure it’s an official place. Fraud cases when investing in precious metals or gold are rife, so you have to be careful.

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