Biography of Hotman Paris Hutapea, a Famous Lawyer with a Tariff of IDR 1.3 Billion

Who doesn’t know Hotman Paris – one of the lawyers who costs Rp. 1.3 billion per case. However, did you know that Hotman once , you know , was paid only Rp. 182 thousand?

Who is the most famous lawyer in Indonesia? When you get a question like that, most people will answer it with one name, namely Hotman Paris Hutapea. The man who was born in Laguboti, North Sumatra, does have a reputation as one of the most famous lawyers in the country. Not just anyone can use his services. Moreover, Hotman Paris sets a fantastic tariff, reaching Rp. 1.3 billion for each case it handles.

The high tariffs set by Hotman Paris are indeed in accordance with its capabilities. Those who have been Hotman Paris clients are mostly big companies. Moreover, the main area of ​​expertise of Hotman Paris is international business law. In fact, in a case involving a mining company, Hotman Paris received an honorarium of up to Rp160 billion. In addition, this eccentric man also often appears to accompany legal cases faced by Indonesian celebrities.

With a fantastic tariff benchmark, it’s no wonder that Hotman Paris has a very large wealth value. This can be proven by the luxurious lifestyle that he often shows. Reportedly, the wealth figure owned by Hotman Paris reached Rp. 4.5 trillion. In fact, in his latest confession, Hotman revealed that the taxes he paid reached Rp. 30 billion and that was done when the government issued a tax amnesty policy.

Educated With Discipline Since Childhood

The success and big name that Hotman got did not come suddenly. This was achieved through hard work and disciplined parenting from both parents. Various joys and sorrows colored the life and career of a Parisian Hotman. His life journey and struggles can also be an inspiration for young people to be able to achieve similar success.

Hotman has 8 siblings and comes from a wealthy businessman family in North Sumatra. His father is a famous bus entrepreneur in Medan City. From these efforts, Hotman together with his siblings were able to obtain higher education and are graduates from well-known universities in Indonesia.

In the parenting pattern applied in the Hotman family, education is an important factor to achieve success. Therefore, Hotman’s parents encourage their children to be disciplined in learning. Not to forget, they also provide nutritious food so that Hotman and his brother grow up healthy and smart.

Hotman Paris Who Aspires to Study at ITB and Become an Architect

Currently, work as a lawyer is Hotman’s main source of income. However, who would have thought that the teenage Hotman had absolutely no aspirations as a lawyer. In fact, he considers that students studying at the law faculty are outcasts. He also prefers the profession as an architect and a doctor as a goal.

To realize his dream, Hotman took the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) entrance examination selection. However, the entrance selection exam ended in failure. Finally, Hotman chose to study at the Faculty of Law, Parahyangan University, Bandung. Although he considers law faculty to be an outcast department, Hotman was able to complete his education in only 3.5 years.

Hotman Paris’s career in the world of lawyers, once paid Rp182 thousand per month

Hotman once said that a lawyer’s career can be glorious if you start at a law firm owned by a famous lawyer. Hotman’s words are based on his own experience. After graduating from Parahyangan University, Hotman was accepted to work at the OC Kaligis Lawyers Office, which has long been known as a top class lawyer.

In this attorney’s office, Hotman did gain valuable experience. It’s just that the salary that Hotman gets is quite low, only Rp. 182 thousand per month. For daily operations, Hotman also chooses to use public buses. Shortly after, Hotman then moved to the office of Nasution Lubis Hadiputranto, which was owned by the late Adnan Buyung Nasution.

Hotman’s career has continued to progress and has worked for several well-known law firms, including Makarim & Taira S and Australian law firm Freehill, Hollingdale & Page. In 1998, Hotman chose to work independently and in 1999 Hotman Paris Hutapea & Partners was founded.

Through his law office, Hotman has handled major cases faced by well-known companies. Several companies that have been Hotman’s clients include Mayora Indah and Asian Pulp & Paper (APP).

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