8 Best Investment Apps for Beginners: Safe & Registered with OJK

Currently investing is not only popular among entrepreneurs. But it is also starting to be in demand by the wider community, even by the millennial generation.

Especially since the pandemic that never ended, which finally made people more aware of money planning, so that the best investment applications began to be sought after.

However, there are many choices of applications to invest in, of course it makes you confused which one to choose. Therefore, we have prepared a series of recommendations for safe investment applications for various instruments.

Best Investment Apps 2021

Along with the development of the fintech world   investing can already be done at home with just a  smartphone  .

Of course, the application used is registered with the Financial Services Authority or OJK so you don’t have to worry anymore when using it. Here is the complete list:

1. Seeds

Indonesian Seeds
Image Source: Bibit.id

Bibit is the best investment application with an  all-in-one system  that offers various instruments, ranging from Islamic mutual funds, money markets, bonds, and also stock mutual funds.

This application also provides a robo advisor feature  that will help you determine what investments are suitable and appropriate based on your risk profile which includes age, income, and tolerance for possible losses.

Seeds are perfect for beginners who want to start investing in mutual funds. In addition to free commission fees, you can also start investing for only IDR 10,000.

2. Bareksa

Image Source: Bareksa.com

Bareksa is one of the distribution partners trusted by the Indonesian Ministry of Finance to sell retail Government Securities (SBN) online. Therefore, it is very suitable for those of you who want to invest in mutual funds, SBN, to Umrah savings.

Similar to previous investment applications, Bareksa also provides a robo advisor  feature  to make it easier for you to allocate investment funds. Also, you can make investments starting from IDR 10,000.

3. Magical

Image Source: Ajaib.co.id

Magic is an application that is suitable for those of you who want to start investing in stocks and mutual funds. This application is equipped with guidelines and recommendations for what products are suitable and most profitable for your financial condition.

Interestingly, this best investment application also has an excellent feature called  Magic alert  which can provide notification of stock movements until the best time to buy and sell shares. That way you can maximize profits and reduce losses.

4. Plant Money

Plant Money
Image Source: Mandiri Investasi

In accordance with a very colorful design, the Tanam Duit application shows that their target is young people who want to invest. Its investment products include mutual funds, government securities, insurance, and gold as its mainstay.

When you save gold in this app, you will get a gold card that you can send to other people. This is what makes Tanam Duit different from other investment applications.

5. Stock bit 

Image Source: Twitter/@Stockbit

Stockbit can be the right investment application for those of you who are just starting to invest in stocks. Not only investments, you can also discuss and analyze with the help of the Stockbit community.

Unlike the IPO and Magic, which are stock brokers. Stockbit partnered with Sinarmas Sekuritas which was supervised by OJK.

Moreover, the professional class features will help you learn from experienced mentors, so this application is perfect for novice stock investors.

6. Pluang 

Image Source: Pluang.com

Pluang offers a variety of investment instruments, ranging from gold , mutual funds, global stock indices, and crypto assets. This best investment application has a small difference in selling and buying gold prices.

Fortunately again, Pluang frees up the administrative costs of buying and selling. You also print gold at a low cost which includes insurance and shipping costs to your destination.


Image Source: Facebook/IndoPremierOnlineTechnolog

The best online investment application owned by PT. Indo premier Sekuritas has become a favorite choice for current mines.

One of them is because the products offered are quite varied, such as ETFs, stocks, and mutual funds with supporting features.

IPOT also has a robo advisor  feature  to help you determine the type of investment that suits your finances.

You are also presented with various learning options on how to invest well with the journey feature 

8. KoinWorks

Image Source: KlikInterior

KoinWorks operates with a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending system, which means the funds will be used to help others who need loans. The minimum investment limit also varies and is adjusted to the selected product.

Through this application, investors and borrowers can interact with each other for their financial needs. The funds needed are usually for various purposes such as business, education, to health.

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