7 Romantic Tourist Attractions in Singapore that are Suitable for Honeymoon Locations

After marriage, you definitely want to spend time with your partner, especially for couples who both work. The leave facilities that are obtained, especially wedding leave from the company, must be used because this moment is rarely obtained. Vacationing abroad like Singapore can be a reference for exciting destinations. What can you do in Singapore with your partner? What romantic attractions can be visited? Check out the following review.

1. A Romantic Night at the Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer is a very famous Singapore icon. The giant Ferris wheel is worth trying with your partner because a romantic atmosphere is definitely created. The twinkling lights and beautiful stars in Singapore make the atmosphere even more romantic. If you like sunset, then ride a giant Ferris wheel in the afternoon before sunset. While enjoying the luxurious view of Singapore, you can enjoy a romantic dinner package with your partner in a Ferris wheel for 30 minutes. The price is indeed quite fantastic, but comparable to the romance served by the Ferris wheel Singapore Flyer. What is the price? Around USD 269 or Rp. 3.7 million for two people or a husband and wife.

2. Stroll around Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is perfect for flower lovers. If your wife really likes flowers, then this place must be visited because the wife will enjoy the beauty of various colorful flowers with neat and beautiful arrangements in the room. The uniqueness of this place is the garden is designed indoors (indoor) and visitors can see the beautiful show at night starting at 7.45 local time. The location of this beautiful garden is at 18 Marina Gardens Drive. Don’t miss the Skyway Suspension bridge that surrounds Gardens by the Bay because this bridge definitely makes the atmosphere more romantic, especially walking while holding hands. Only paying USD 5 or around Rp. 70 thousand, visitors can enjoy the extraordinary beauty, especially there is a spectacular sound and light show. There are two scheduled light shows at night, which are 7.45-8.00 and 8.45-9.00 local time every day. It’s only 15 minutes, but you will surely be amazed to see this show.

3. Enjoy a Free Show at Marina Bay Sands

One of Singapore’s other popular icons is Marina Bay Sands. This expensive and luxurious hotel can be visited without the need to stay overnight. Give your bag a break first by enjoying a free show at Marina Bay Sands at night. The show in question is a colorful laser show from the top of the hotel that looks like a boat. Laser show schedule is every day at 20.00, 21.30, and 23.00 local time.

4. Dinner di KU DE TA

KU DE TA, this name may sound strange to the ear. What exactly is this place? It turns out that this is a romantic restaurant located at the Marina Bay Sands hotel, precisely on the 57th floor. This restaurant is perfect for dinner with a partner. The food will taste more delicious because it is eaten while looking at the sparkling and classic view of Singapore at night. The price is not cheap, but at least once in a lifetime, you should try to eat at this place, especially during your honeymoon.

5. Hanging on Mount Faber

Hanging on Mount Faber? Yes of course you can. In this place there is a cable car that visitors can ride. This place is perfect for relaxing while walking around with your partner. There are many interesting and instagramable spots in this place, so don’t forget to take pictures! Mount Faber is located at 109 Mount Faber Road in the form of a 105 meter high hill with beautiful views of the Telok Blangah area. This place is also very suitable for enjoying the sunset moment with your partner. From this hill, visitors can also see the Crane Show fireworks display held by Resort World Sentosa. The good news is, this place is free because it is provided by the Singapore government for public recreation.

6. Explore the Sky Through The Esplanade Roof Garden

There is another free tourist attraction in Singapore, namely The Esplanade Roof Garden. This area is located on the banks of the Singapore River which is very clean and beautiful. This place has several tourist attractions, including the Theater, Waterfront Promenade, and The Esplanade Roof Garden. The Esplanade, located at 8 Raffles Avenue, offers a beautiful view of Marina Bay Sands at night. The green and beautiful shades are sure to make the atmosphere serene. Don’t forget the Singapore icon which looks like a conch house. See the beauty of Singapore at night if you want to feel a different atmosphere in this place.

7.  Sentosa Beaches

After discussing about tourist attractions that are cool to visit at night, then we will discuss the beautiful beaches in Singapore. Maybe not many people know about beaches in Singapore because this country does not highlight it because this beach is only an artificial beach. Sentosa Beaches, which is located on Sentosa Island, can be a beautiful tourist location. Visitors can enjoy fresh and delicious seafood ,  flying trapeze, cable car,  and various  exciting water sports .

Those are 7 romantic tourist spots in Singapore that are suitable for honeymoon locations. The impression obtained must be very romantic and special. Maximize the time of marriage leave with your partner because this moment only happens once in a lifetime. Traveling while enjoying the beauty and luxury of Singapore can be a honeymoon destination. Traveling to Singapore is not always expensive as long as you know the free tourist spots that you can visit. Happy traveling good people!

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