7 Famous Tourist Attractions in Singapore

It’s Famous Place in Singapore. Been Here? 

When you go on vacation to the land of the white lion which is our neighboring country, of course you will find out first about the famous tourist attractions in Singapore . In addition to the Merlion Statue which is a global landmark of Singapore, there are many famous tourist attractions in Singapore. Below are 7 famous tourist attractions in Singapore that you must add to your list of vacation spots!

1. Gardens by the Bay

Gardens By The Bay

The first famous tourist spot in Singapore is Gardens by the Bay . Located at 18 Marina Gardens Drive, you can go to Gardens by the Bay using the MRT and get off at Bayfront MRT Station. In some parts of Gardens by the Bay you can enjoy it for free. For example, see the stunning 16-story Supertree Grove, as well as take a leisurely stroll through the Sun Pavilion. Gardens by the Bay including the sites free Singapore  you can visit in the afternoon.

However, if you just walk around the outside of Gardens by the Bay, you still feel unsatisfied, you can enter the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest. Even though you have to pay an entrance ticket, the scenery inside is really eye-catching. You can feel the Mediterranean climate, learn about the various ethnicities in Singapore, and see the world’s tallest indoor waterfall in the Cloud Forest.


2. Trick Eye Museum Singapore

Trick Eye Museum Singapore

Where are the unique tourist attractions in Singapore ? Of course the answer is Trick Eye Museum Singapore . You can visit this museum with your family and pose as creatively as possible with a variety of unique and eye-catching objects. Trick Eye Museum Singapore is located at Waterfront @ Resort World Sentosa 26. You can take the MRT and get off at Harbourfront MRT Station, or take the Sentosa Express or Public Bus to get to Trick Eye Museum Singapore. The operating hours are from 10.00 am to 9 pm local time.

There are 6 different themes that you can find at Trick Eye Museum Singapore. These include the Adventure Discovery, the Safari Kingdom, the Love in Winter, the World of Masterpieces, the Dreams of Fairy Tale, and the Star of Circus. When visiting this museum, don’t forget to wear your socks so that the cleanliness at Trick Eye Museum Singapore is maintained, yes!


3. SEA Aquarium

SEA Aquarium

When you visited Singapore, did it ever occur to you that Singapore has the largest aquarium in the world? Yes, in Singapore you can go to the SEA Aquarium . The only tourist spot in Singapore 2018  that offers beautiful underwater views with an unusually large aquarium size.

Located at Resorts World Sentosa, 8 Sentosa Gateway, you can use the MRT, Sentosa Express, or public buses to get to the SEA Aquarium. Operational hours are from 10:00 to 19:00. At the SEA Aquarium, you will see various marine animals whose number reaches 100,000. Even children under 3 years old can enter the SEA Aquarium for free.


4. Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island

If you visit Singapore backpacker style , you can visit Sentosa Island . This place is famous for Singapore backpacker tourist attractions . To get to Sentosa Island you can use the MRT, and get off at HarbourFront MRT Station. Although Singapore is a small country with few natural attractions, but Singapore is able to create an artificial beach on Sentosa Island that is no less beautiful. There are 3 artificial beaches on Sentosa Island, namely Siloso Beach, Palawan Beach, and Tanjong Beach.

If you are already feeling hot with Singapore’s climate, try to visit Sentosa Island, and play in the water on the beach. Even to enjoy the beach, you won’t be charged anything or it’s FREE! In addition, don’t forget to take a selfie with the Sentosa Merlion statue as proof that you have arrived at Sentosa Island!


5. Bugis Street

Bugis Street

Satisfied walking around, it’s time for you to shop! One of the cheap shopping places in Singapore is the Bugis Street area. Starting from clothes, accessories, to food are available in full at Bugis Street . In fact, this area is already popular with its fame as the cheapest shopping place in Singapore. If likened, Bugis Street is like Singapore’s Mangga Dua.

The Bugis Street area itself is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. If you use the MRT, you can get off at Bugis MRT Station. In Bugis Street there are also well-known brands, but unbranded goods are generally more in demand by people to be used as souvenirs. If you are tired of walking around and shopping, don’t forget to fill your stomach with cheap and delicious nasi lemak at the Hawker Albert Centre.


6. Universal Studio

Universal Studio

Besides the iconic Merlion Statue, there is another famous tourist spot in Singapore , namely Universal Studios . In fact, this playground is touted as Singapore’s best tourist spot . With just one ticket, you can try all the rides, attractions and shows that will make you chuckle. Popular rides at Universal Studio that you can try include Jurrasic Park, Roller Coaster, Battlestar Galactica, and others. You can even take pictures with Minions, Shrek, and many more.

To get to Universal Studios, you can use public buses, Sentosa Express, or MRT. You can also walk around the area outside Universal Studios  for free. Don’t forget to bring your camera, okay? So, don’t forget to capture the moment of taking photos with interesting objects.


 7. Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park

Singapore’s natural attractions besides Sentosa Island are Jurong Bird Park . Located at 2 Jurong Hill, you can use the MRT and get off at Boon Lay, EW27. Jurong Bird Park is open from half past 9 am to 6 pm local time. This park has an area of ​​20 hectares with a collection of up to 400 bird species. You can even enjoy free Wi-Fi, you know, throughout the Jurong Bird Park area ! So, after interacting, and taking pictures with the birds, you can directly upload them to social media.

There are 2 areas in Jurong Bird Park, namely Dry Play Area and Wet Play Area. If you bring kids, don’t forget to bring them a swimsuit so they can play in the water at Birdz of Play in the Wet Play Area. After being satisfied playing in the water, you can also enjoy lunch with the parrots.

That’s 7 famous tourist attractions in Singapore . If you are satisfied with visiting Singapore, it never hurts to add another vacation to Malaysia. To go to Malaysia via Singapore, you can use the bus because the locations of these two countries are very close. There are still many tourist attractions in Malaysia  that you must explore so that your vacation feels more complete!

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