4 Most Promising Business Ideas in 2021

Opening a business is now the choice of many people. Besides being able to earn income that is greater than the monthly salary, doing business also offers time flexibility because working hours can be arranged as desired.

That’s why more and more office workers are willing to resign and change their direction to become business people. You have the same plan? Here’s a list of the most profitable business opportunities that are worth trying.



Dropshipping can be a solution for those of you who want to open a business but don’t have enough capital. There are lots of online shops that open unconditional dropshipping services . Choose a store with the type of product that will always sell well in the market, not just seasonal.

Becoming a dropshipper is very easy, you know. You only need a smartphone for promotions, no need to stock items, and no need for packing because everything has been done by the central seller .


Healthy Menu Catering

Awareness for healthy living is increasingly widespread in society. Even those of you who like to work in the kitchen can seize this opportunity to earn additional income.

Yes, healthy menu catering is a type of business that is predicted to continue to shine in the future. Bonus points if you live in a big city with a market segment for office workers who want to stay healthy but do n’t want to bother.

Make sure you provide a varied menu every day. Don’t forget to beautify your social media feeds with aesthetic and appetizing menu photos . But remember, taste and quality must still be number one, yes!


Petshop business

This business may be less popular, but who would have thought that it could bring huge profits? A pet shop owner in South Jakarta can even earn a turnover of up to Rp. 400 million in just a month, you know!

You can sell a variety of pet products, ranging from food ( wet and dry food ), accessories, cages, sand, animal toiletries, pacifiers, and others. So that there are more consumers, also offer online sales in the marketplace , yes.



asian girl in office

Eits, don’t underestimate the “power” of used clothes. People are now actually starting to leave the fast fashion trend in order to maintain the balance of nature, you know. Instead, they switch to buying used clothes that are worth wearing (thrifting).

Now there are lots of thrifting shops on the internet. So it doesn’t hurt you to try. If necessary, look for suppliers or importers who distribute second -hand fashion products in bulk at affordable prices.


Of the four business opportunities , which one are you most interested in? So that you don’t regret it later, do in-depth market research beforehand, OK!

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