12 Cliff Tours in Indonesia that You Must Visit

Indonesia has a complete variety of natural resources. So don’t be surprised if there are many other tourist locations that offer beautiful views. One of them is a cliff theme. For those of you who like cliff views, here are some recommendations for cliff tourism in Indonesia that might be suitable to visit while on vacation.

1. Brown Canyon

Brown CanyonThe name Brown Canyon lately is quite popular as a tourist attraction in the Semarang area. Although actually Brown Canyon is not a cliff, but is a mining area that makes this area similar to the Grand Canyon in America.

Of course, Brown Canyon is very beautiful, although when traveling there there are no adequate facilities. Even from there you can see trucks transporting materials milling about there.

This is because this place is still actively used as mining until now. The results of mining activities are formed like a line of beautiful rock cliffs. In addition, the  Brown Canyon Semarang Entrance Ticket is  not expensive.

2. Breccia Cliff

Breccia CliffIf you are traveling to Yogyakarta and its surroundings, don’t forget to visit one of the cliff tours in Indonesia, namely Breksi Cliff. This cliff is also a natural stone mining site.

However, over time this cliff was restored into a tourist spot. The Breksi Cliff tourist attraction itself has only been worked on since 2014. The interesting thing from there is the rock cliffs that are carved and decorated beautifully.

The location is around Prambanan, namely in Nglengkong Hamlet, Groyokan, Sambirejo, Prambanan. Even from there you can also see the beautiful Mount Merapi.

3. Melasti Beach Cliff

Melasti Beach CliffMelasti Beach, located in Ungasan Village, Bali, is a very interesting tourist attraction to visit. If you happen to be in Bali, try visiting this one tourist destination.

The interesting thing there is not only about the most beautiful beaches in Bali and the blue ocean, but also about the cliffs near the beach itself which are very beautiful. The limestone cliffs on the Melasti beach have a height of about 100 to 150 meters.

This cliff is also directly adjacent to a winding highway. When going to Melasti Beach, you will definitely pass the highway. Beautiful views can also be obtained from the top of the cliff.

4. Pandava Coastal Cliffs

The banks of the Pandava CoastLike Melasti Beach, Pandawa Beach in Bali also has a very beautiful limestone cliff panorama. The cliffs on Pandawa Beach are also one of the unique Pandawa Beach tourism icons.

On the cliff there are several decorations such as statues and also some other decorations that are made interesting for tourism. The statue that is like the name of this beach is the statue of the pandavas.

The location of the beach which is also suitable for marine tourism in Bali is in Kutuh Village, South Kuta. This location is between Uluwatu and Nusa Dua. If you want to visit there, you can also enjoy various water games on the beach.

5. Bukit Arosbaya

Bukit ArosbayaThe next cliff tourism in Indonesia that is interesting to visit is Arosbaya Limestone Hill in Bangkalan, Madura. This hill is located near Pesarean Aermata.

This cliff is quite unique with its golden color. If most limestone hills have a fairly hot atmosphere, this is not the case with limestone hills. This is due to the presence of shady trees and plants that grow on the cliffs.

You can visit there to see the beautiful hill reliefs. In this tourist area there are also alleys created from hill holes or hillsides.

6. Tebing Bukit Kelam

Tebing Bukit KelamThe next cliff tour is near the city of Sintang. This location is approximately 395 kilometers from the city of Pontianak. This cliff is very interesting because it is very similar to Ayers Rock in Australia.

It’s just that the color of this cliff is blacker and darker. This unique cliff is a giant rock. Nearby there are two major rivers, namely the Kapuas river and the Melawi river. In this place you can do the best rock climbing in West Kalimantan.

In addition to rock climbing, you can also track to get to the top. This cliff is the largest rock monolith in the world. But its popularity is indeed less as a tourist attraction.

7. Koja Cliff Godzilla Cage

Koja Cliff Godzilla CageIf you live in Jakarta and its surroundings, you don’t need to go far to enjoy cliff tourism in Indonesia because in Tangerang there is also one interesting cliff that you can visit on weekends.

This is the Koja Cliff Godzilla Cage. The location is in Cisuka Village, Tangerang. The scenery there is very beautiful. The color of the cliff is brown. On the edges you will find green and fresh rice fields.

The best time to visit this tourist spot in Tangerang  is at sunset and at sunrise. You can get a quite unique sunrise and sunset atmosphere even though the location is still around Jakarta.

8. Tebing Masigit

Tebing MasigitIn Bandung, there is also one of the tourist cliffs which is quite popular lately. Its name is Cliff Masigit. This cliff is located on Mount Masigit, Cipatat, West Bandung Regency.

The tourist activities there are quite challenging because visitors will enjoy the sensation of floating in the air, right above the height of the cliff itself. Of course, you don’t float alone because there are hammocks that serve as a medium for floating.

But if you don’t have the guts because you have a phobia of heights, enjoying the treats of nature with such a beautiful view from there is also enough to fulfill your longing for the universe.

9. Bambapuang Cliffs

Bambapuang CliffsSouth Sulawesi also has one of the cliffs suitable for cliff tourism in Indonesia, namely the Bambapuang Cliff. This cliff is located in Kotu Village, Enrekang, South Sulawesi.

The interesting thing about this tourist spot in  South Sulawesi is the location or rock climbing spot. The height of the cliff itself is 350 meters and has become one of the favorite points of climbers to test their abilities.

This place is a favorite because it has a fairly challenging path. In addition, the cliffs are also quite high so that it will really require special preparation for climbers before climbing there.

10. The banks of the Harau Valley

The banks of the Harau ValleyHarau Valley Cliff is a cliff located near Payakumbuh City, West Sumatra. This location is already known as a tourist location. Apart from the beautiful scenery, this cliff is also suitable for rock climbing.

The point of rock climbing actually has many paths. The height varies, ranging from 80 meters to 300 meters. The cliffs of the Harau Valley itself are indeed suitable for climbing sports.

If you have the opportunity to visit Payakumbuh City, try to also visit the Harau Valley Cliff and feel the sensation of rock climbing according to your abilities.

11. The Cliffs of the Palace

The Cliffs of the PalaceWho does not know the Cliff Palace? This natural tourist attraction has been visited by many tourists in recent years. The interesting thing about this cliff is the scenery that is created because it is very natural.

The location of the Keraton Cliff is in the Djuanda People’s Forest Park. Visitors can come there to enjoy the natural scenery from the top of the cliff. The interesting thing from there is the atmosphere created at dawn and dusk.

Those of you who like to look for beautiful views at dawn and dusk in Bandung can try to come there. Bring your best camera because the scenery is as beautiful as it is a shame if it is not captured.

12. Bukit Jaddih

Bukit JaddihOne of the limestone cliff tours that is also popular in recent years is Jaddih Hill in Bangkalan, Madura. This hill is a limestone hill with a dominant white color which was opened as a tourist attraction.

The interesting thing  about this tourist spot in Madura is the view from the limestone cliffs which are quite wide complete with the remnants of existing mining. Because it is a white cliff, the atmosphere there is quite hot. So you should bring a hat and sunglasses before visiting.

This tourist spot has succeeded in attracting the attention of residents around East Java. This place is also still an active mine, so you might meet cars carrying mining materials.

Those are some explanations about cliff tourism in Indonesia that you need to know. Hopefully it can provide an alternative to cliff tourism for you.

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