10 Saving Tips to Universal Studio Singapore

The largest theme park in Singapore, Universal Studios Sentosa Singapore, does offer entertainment for families. With designs and rides that are certainly interesting for children to adults, it’s no wonder it has always been a favorite tourist destination when we travel to Singapore .

This time, JavaMilk provides tips to make your family visit to USS more efficient and enjoyable.

Universal Studio Singapore
Universal Studio Singapore

Tips for playing at Universal Studios Singapore

  1. First you don’t have to enter Sentosa using the monorail. The $4 monorail ticket is worth it multiplied by the number of people. We can use the 500 meter long pedestrian bridge to enter (usually $1 but again it’s free). Even though it seems long, there is a travelator that is quite helpful
  2. Bring food from outside, store it in a bag. There is no bag check when entering the gate. Meals at USS restaurants range from $10, averaging $12-14 per main course such as chicken rice.
  3. Bring a water bottle, then you can fill it in the fountain which is always on all rides and around the toilet.
  4. Avoid coming on long weekends or summer holidays. Yes, everyone knows but sometimes they still insist on coming. Please queue for ‘Mummy’ or ‘Transformer the ride’ for at least 1 hour in that period 🙂
  5. Come on weekdays, especially Tuesday to Thursday. At this time the number of visitors is relatively not much. My last experience came on Tuesday at 11 pm, I entered, at 4-5 pm I had finished playing all the rides, there were even rides that went up 2-3 times.
  6. Do not purchase an Express Pass online or before entering . If you want to skip the queue with an Express Pass, try entering the USS first, see if it’s very busy or quiet that day. We can buy an Express Pass inside the USS (after entering the gate).
  7. Buy a raincoat outside, 7-Eleven or the supermarket, ($1-$2) if you want to get on a wet ride. Buy this raincoat inside for $5.
  8. There are lockers for bag storage, some are paid and some are free. The free one is at Mummy, usually the first 30-45 minutes (depending on the crowd) are free. Just come and change to another locker to extend the rental period 🙂
  9. For long queues like Mummy and Transformer, use the Single Rider line . This line is for people who ‘claim’ to come to play alone, to cover shortages or odd numbers from the normal queue. The effect is indeed that we may be separated from the group, but ordinary single riders only need to queue for 5-10 minutes.
  10. Bring your own stroller if you bring a child. Stroller rental a day is $ 20, decent feel!

For your information, The Battlestar Galatica ride (roller coaster) has been out of operation forever due to design/technical issues.

Look, the Revenge of Mummy ride, which usually queues up to the outside, is empty to the end.

Look!  No queue..
Look! No queue..

Universal Studio Singapore Cheap Tickets

The normal price for admission to Universal Studio Sentosa is SGD 74/adult and SGD 54/child. But you can get it at a lower price. Also I recommend avoiding buying from obscure websites or private sellers. There are certain safe ways to buy tickets online.

The first is to buy directly from the Indonesian version of the RWS official website . Here itself already has several options / promos:

    • Promo for 2 attractions with BCA credit card: SGD 85/person. This already got 1 ticket to USS and 1 ticket to SEA Aquarium.
    • The promo is coming on the weekend: USS tickets for SGD 68, at the same time free $5 meal vouchers and $5 retail vouchers.
  • Promo comes Tuesday-Thursday: USS ticket for SGD 68, get $10 meal voucher and $5 retail voucher.

The second way can be through the Voyagin website , there is a 10% discount on tickets, adult ticket prices are 52.61 USD.

Which one to buy, just choose the one that is more profitable. After buying the tickets online, just print them out yourself, then come straight to the gate to be scanned.

Promotions as above usually have a time limit, so make sure you check regularly. But in my opinion, once the promo runs out, there will usually be another new promo (except for the holiday season).

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