For Muslim travelers, they are always looking for halal-certified souvenirs. Likewise, if you are on vacation in Singapore, the typical souvenirs you are looking for are also halal-certified. Now there are many halal snacks (snacks) in Singapore that are easy to find.

You are still confused about which halal snacks are suitable for souvenirs when visiting Singapore. Read the following information, because below is a list of halal snacks in Singapore. List of Halal Snacks in Singapore Must Buy

1. Ben’s Cookies

Ben's Cookies

The first snack that you must buy and make as a souvenir is Ben’s Cookies. This food originating from England is a delicious chocolate chip biscuit and has a soft and chewy texture. In just one bite you will definitely feel the pleasure so that you will feel addicted to eating it.

Ben’s Cookies provides up to 10 flavors that are ready to shake your tongue. from the taste of chocolate chunk to the tempting taste of triple chocolate you can taste one by one. However, the price per one pack is quite expensive, which is IDR 42,000 for one cookie. But the taste you will enjoy is very worth the price.


2. Garret Popcorn

 Garret Popcorn

This corn-based snack is also one of the most popular snacks in Singapore. This snack has not opened a branch in Indonesia so you must buy it when you visit Singapore. Garret Popcorn is one of the snacks that many tourists buy as souvenirs.

There are many flavor variants that you can choose from, namely cheese corn, caramel crisp, macadamiacaramel crisps, and also garret mix that mixes all the flavors together. You can find these snacks in supermarkets scattered throughout Singapore.

3. Milo Dino Granola

Milo Dino Granola

Furthermore, there is a delicious Singaporean drink that you can buy in a packaged version, namely Milo Dino Granola. You can find this drink on the streets of Singapore because it is peddled by street vendors. Milo Dino Granola is inspired by the distinctive taste of Southeast Asia.

4. White Beans

 White Beans

This snack made from peanut-based ingredients is also one of the snacks that you can make as a gift for your family at home when visiting Singapore. Puteh beans are usually sold by traders of Indian descent who are peddled with strollers in various places.

Intrigued by the appearance of this snack? This snack is a food made from nuts coated with sweet white sugar. When buying this snack, it will usually be wrapped in paper. So you need a safer plastic bag to bring this food as a gift for the family.

5. Kaka Corn Snack

Kaka Corn Snack

Halal snacks (snacks) in Singapore that you can make other souvenirs are Kaka Corn Snack. Actually this snack is a simple snack wrapped in a chicken picture packaging. This snack is made from caramel corn which has a taste like processed chicken.

But the taste offered from this simple snack is very delicious and different from other snacks. Unfortunately, this snack is an ancient snack that is hard to find in Singapore. It’s a pity, isn’t it?

6. Honey Butter Chips

Honey Butter Chips

In Singapore you can also find a snack that has a Korean taste, namely Honey Butter Chips. This snack is a food made from potatoes, then processed into crispy chips that have a salty and sweet Korean taste. This snack has a variety of flavors and is very suitable as a gift for the family.

This snack is very easy to find because it is available in various shopping centers in Singapore. As for the price, you don’t need to dig deep into your pocket because this snack belongs to the category of snacks with cheap prices.

7. Laurent Bernard Chocolates

Laurent Bernard Chocolates

This food is authentic food from Singapore. This chocolate-based snack produced by Laurent Bernard is one of the snacks that is always a target when Valentine’s Day arrives. Laurent Bernard Chocolates, which you can buy at the official Laurent Bernard counter in Singapore, are perfect for souvenirs.

All the ingredients used to make this typical Singaporean dish are selected high quality ingredients so the prices offered are quite expensive. However, the taste that you will get is the delicious taste of chocolate which is extraordinary.

8. Golden Duck Salted Egg

Golden Duck Salted Egg

Salted egg yolks are now a trend in processed menus in the world. One of the snack menus that are served with a savory taste of salted egg yolk is a snack called Golden Duck Salted Egg.

Golden Duck Salted Egg is a snack made from fried fish skin seasoned with salted egg sauce. Usually this snack is made from dory fish skin, potatoes, crab which is sprinkled with salted egg sauce then added with a sprinkling of curry leaves and pieces of red chili.

9. Prima Taste Chilly Crab La Mian

 Prima Taste Chilly Crab La Mian

Red Chili Crab is one of the most popular foods in Singapore. You can now enjoy this well-known dish in the form of ramen. You can enjoy this delicious food in the form of ramen by buying Prima Taste Chilly Crab La Mian.

You can find these snacks in various supermarkets in Singapore. The price offered for one pack is around Rp. 137,000, -. For those of you who don’t like food preservatives or artificial coloring, don’t worry because this food doesn’t contain these things.

10. Jenice Wong Sweets

halal food in singapore

The tenth halal snack recommendation is Jenice Wong Sweets made by a well -known Pastry Chef in Singapore, Jenice Wong. The foods you might find in your dreams you will find at Jenice Wong’s outlet in Marina Bay Sands.

Jenice Wong Sweet is one of the pioneers of souvenirs from Singapore that provides a variety of unique and sweet snacks ranging from, sweets to cakes that are delicious and different in shape from the others.

The ten snacks above are some of the halal snacks in Singapore that you can make as gifts for your family or friends at home. The snacks that have been reviewed above are snacks that cannot be doubted, so you must buy them when visiting Singapore. Good luck yes.

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