You can easily find Halal food at Changi Airport. As we know Changi Airport in Singapore has been known as one of the best airports in the world which is able to make tourists who are transiting there feel at home for long. Not only does it have a lot of entertainment and sightseeing, Changi Airport also offers a variety of mouthwatering culinary options. For you Muslim tourists, of course you don’t need to worry about having a culinary tour at Singapore Changi Airport because a number of restaurants there serve halal menu options. If you are going on vacation to Singapore or just transiting, don’t forget to stop by the 10 restaurants with halal food menus at Changi Airport below.

1. 4 Fingers Chicken Crispy

4 Fingers Chicken Crispy

The first halal food at Changi Airport is 4 Fingers Chicken Crispy. 4 Fingers Chicken Crispy is a food outlet that serves fried chicken with a combination of Korean and Japanese-style spices.

The mainstay menu at this fried chicken outlet is signature wings and drumsticks or chicken thighs topped with soy garlic and hot & spicy sauce that is crispy and delicious. 4 Fingers Chicken Crispy has two outlets located at Terminal 1 Level 3 and Terminal 3 Basement 2 Singapore Changi Airport.


2. Heavenly Wang

Heavenly Wang

Havenly Wang is also included in the list of halal food at Changi Airport Singapore. Heavenly Wang only provides toast and coffee as well as tea, but there’s nothing wrong with trying it.

This place offers brown toast that has a crispy sensation and is combined with srikaya jam and delicious boiled eggs. This dish is very suitable to be friends with a cup of coffee or milk tea which they also serve here. Not only snacks, Heavenly Wang also offers a heavy menu, one of which is Mee Siam. Mee Siam is a bowl of noodles doused in sweet and sour sauce with a combination of boiled egg, pieces of tofu, bean sprouts and chili sauce. Heavenly Wang is located in Terminal 4 and Terminal 3, Level 1, Changi Airport Public Area.

3. Central Thai

Central Thai

If you like Thai food, you can also find it at Changi Airport, which is Central Thai. Central Thai adds to the list of restaurants serving halal food at Changi Airport with a variety of Thai menus with distinctive sour, spicy and sweet flavors.

Here you can order the Tom Yum Noodle Set, green curry chicken and a variety of other delicious Thai dishes. The mainstay menu at this restaurant is the Thai Spicy Minced Chicken Salad and Chili Crab served with noodles. Not only that, they also offer sweet desserts, such as Mango Glutinous Rice and various flavors of ice cream. If you want to visit Central Thai, you can go directly to Terminal 2, Level 3, Changi Airport Public Area.

4. Kaveri Vegetarian Cuisine

Kaveri Vegetarian Cuisine

The next restaurant that serves halal food at Changi airport is Kaveri Vegetarian Cuisine. This restaurant serves a special menu for those of you who like to eat vegetables or vegetarians.

Kaveri Vegetarian Cuisine offers a variety of vegetarian menus with various Indian spices and herbs. You can order a variety of fresh vegetables, nuts, fruits and yogurt. Not only that, they also offer naan, dosa served with curry, potatoes and onions as well as the very delicious Masala Chana. Kaveri Vegetarian Cuisine is at Transit Area Terminal 2 Level 3 Changi Airport.

5. So Pho

So Pho

In addition to Thai food, you who also like Vietnamese food, can find a Vietnamese restaurant here called So Pho. So Pho is located in Terminal 3, 3rd Floor Public Area, Changi Airport.

Here you can order a variety of Vietnamese specialties, such as Pho , namely noodle soup, Banh Xeo or summer rolls and Banh Mia or Vietnamese Baguette which is famous for being very delicious. So Pho is one of the restaurants that serves halal food menus at Changi Airport which is very popular.

6. Andes by Astons

Andes by Astons

The next restaurant that serves halal food at Changi Airport is Andes by Astons. Andes by Astons is a restaurant that serves steak as the main menu. You don’t have to worry about the halal because you have got a halal certificate.

The menu choices offered are also quite varied. You can order Prime Sirloin, Wagyu Rib Eye and many others. Not only offering beef, here you can also taste other special menus such as Grilled Fish with Herbs and Hickory BBQ Chicken. You can visit Andes by Astons at Terminal 4, Singapore Changi Airport.

7. Piece


Do you like Italian food? Then you are obliged to come to Pezzo which is in Terminal 2 Level 2. Pezzo is a restaurant that serves halal food at Changi Airport which serves a typical Italian menu, namely pizza.

Here you can order a variety of pizza variants, such as cheesy cheese and pepperoni party. The size of the pizza here is quite large and the bread is thick with a soft texture. You can also buy it per slice or buy a single pan for a cheaper price.

8. Pappamia


The next restaurant that offers halal food at Changi Airport is Pappamie. Pappamia serves local Malay-style cuisine which is certainly very suitable for Asian tourists.

Some of the mainstay menus that you can taste here are Hainanese Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak to Chicken Curry which taste very delicious. Not only heavy food, here you can also order delicious desserts. Ice cream is certainly the right dessert menu choice. Here, the ice cream is served in real coconut topped with nuts and Melaka sugar. You can visit Pappamia at Terminal 1, Level 3, Public Are, Changi Airport.

9. Curry Times

Curry Times

Curry Times is certainly an alternative to tasting halal food at Changi Airport. As the name implies, this curry times offers a variety of delicious curry menus that will surely make you addicted.

The mainstay of this restaurant is Curry Chicken Ramen. If you usually enjoy curry using rice or roti prata, here you can enjoy curry with ramen as a side dish. The taste is no less delicious and the two blend perfectly. Not only curry menus, here you can also taste non-curry menus, such as Asam Fish Fillet Rice and Sambal Chicken Super Drum. Curry Times is located in Terminal 4 and Terminal 3 Basement 2, Public Area, Changi Airport.

10. Swensen’s

Halal food at Changi Airport

The last restaurant that serves halal food at Changi airport is Swensen’s. Indeed, some people know Swensen’s as a brand of ice cream sundaes, but Swensen’s also offers a variety of delicious food menus.

The menu offered is also quite diverse, such as various pastas, burgers, fish & chips, chicken baked rice to various kinds of salads and your special vegetarian menu. Interestingly, Swensen’s provides a free and limited breakfast menu for children aged 4-12 years for every order of a regular adult set menu. If you want to visit Swensen’s, you can come to Terminal 2 Level 1 (public area) Changi Airport.

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