Cheap and delicious places to eat in Singapore are sought after by tourists. How come? Singapore has long been known for its high cost of living. Most of the food there is sold at high prices. This happens because of changes in currency conversion so it feels expensive. In fact, there are also places to eat that are cheap.

To be able to vacation with the right budget, you certainly need to save money and look for cheap places to eat. By buying cheap food, you can try a wider variety of foods in Singapore. Most of the food sold in Singapore is delicious and tastes different.

Culinary tourism is one of the activities that should not be forgotten while on vacation. When visiting a country, of course, you also need to try the special foods that are there. You have to taste the flavors of other countries to add to the diverse culinary experience. Here will be recommended some cheap and delicious places to eat in Singapore


1. Maxwell Food Centre

Maxwell Food Centre

This place has a food court concept which sells various types of food, from Asian to Western. Its strategic location and close to Chinatown MRT make this place crowded. This place is open from 8 am to 10 pm. Food prices here are also very affordable, ranging from SGD 3-5.
Muslim tourists can also eat here because there are various choices of halal food. Of course you can choose the type of food according to taste. In addition, you can also try various foods at once in one place.


2. Albert Center Bugis

Albert Center Bugis

Bugis is known as one of the most visited areas for being a souvenir center and offering a food paradise of various flavors. the location of this place to eat is on Queen Street. You can all shop after enjoying a variety of delicious culinary offerings.
A variety of food and drinks sold there are priced at SGD 2-4. Some of the featured menus at this location are nasi lemak, laksa, roast duck and prawn noodles.

3. 328 Katong Laksa

328 Katong Laksa

Each country certainly has its own culinary uniqueness. One of the popular foods in Singapore is laksa. You can try laksa at a low price by visiting 328 Katong Laksa. As the name implies, this place is located on East Coast Road. 328.
Laksa here is famous for its deliciousness among tourists, so it is a must to try. Laksa is sold in two types, some are small and some are large. The price of the laksa here is also very affordable, SGD 5 for a small portion and SGD 7 for a large portion.

4. Lucky Chicken Rice

Lucky Chicken Rice

This Malay-style roasted chicken is always tantalizing for tourists. This roasted duck will be served with fresh broth and processed rice that looks tasty and delicious. If all the compositions are put together it will taste very delicious and different. When you try it, you are guaranteed to feel addicted.
This roast duck is located at Lucky Plaza, precisely at 304 Orchard Road. To try this roast duck, you only need to spend around SGD 4. Consuming this food will make your stomach feel full.

5. Old Airport Food Center

Old Airport Food Center

This cheap place to eat is very famous because it has been established since 1975. This place even gets the title of food heaven because it provides a variety of menus at very affordable prices. If you want to eat here you have to be patient because this place is very crowded and you need to queue.
However, your struggle will not be in vain because it is paid for with the deliciousness of the food presented and the price of the food is cheap.

6. Tuckshop Harbourfront Centre

 Tuckshop Harbourfront Centre

This food center is already quite famous among tourists and local residents. This is because food is sold here at affordable prices. If you visit Singapore, of course you will stop at this place to taste the culinary. the location of this place is next to Vivo City and is a transit point for tourists who want to go to Sentosa Island.
No wonder this location is always crowded with visitors. To get to the location, you only need to go up to the very top of the Vivo City building, then cross to the Harbourfront Centre.

7. Bismillah Biryani

 Bismillah Biryani

Nasi Briyani has a charm that is second to none. Besides being halal, this dish has a very rich spice taste and has various choices of toppings, such as chicken and eggs. If you intend to visit the Little India area, then you must eat at this place. Briyani rice in this place is famous for being delicious.
Bismillah Biryani is located on Dunlop Street, Little India. You will feel the sensation of eating different rice because the shape of the rice is long and also tasty. The combination of rice with a special spice sauce makes this rice even more special.

8. My Favorite Cafe

My Favorite Cafe

This cafe provides a variety of interesting food menus. Of the many foods on offer, one that you must try is fish ball. This food is very distinctive because it has a crunchy texture on the outside and soft on the inside. In addition, this place also provides various types of noodles whose contents you can adjust yourself.
This cafe is located at 304 Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza. You can enjoy delicious noodles at a low price of SGD 5.

9. Lau Pa Sat Festival Market

Lau Pa Sat Festival Market

Another food court concept with an attractive design. This food court provides a variety of foods with high taste. Here you can try various foods ranging from Chinese, Indian, Turkish and many more. The location of this food court is not far from Raffles Place MRT so it is easy to find.
The Lau Pa Sat Festival Market food court is open 24 hours a day, so if you are hungry, you can immediately visit there. The food is sold at a price range of SGD 4 so it won’t hurt your pocket.

10. River Valley Nasi Lemak

cheap place to eat

Most Asian people will certainly look for a dish of rice. Many people think that if you haven’t eaten rice, you still haven’t eaten. For those of you who are looking for food in the form of rice, you can directly visit 304 Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza and then visit this nasi lemak place.
Nasi lemak is served with a variety of toppings. Not only that, this place also provides various other Malay menus. To eat here, you only need to pay around SGD 3 only.
With these recommendations for cheap and delicious places to eat in Singapore, you no longer need to be confused about looking for food when on vacation in Singapore. In addition, in Singapore also often held culinary festivals that allow you to try various types of food at a cheaper price.

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